Wes Welker and the Unbearable Whiteness of Being an NFL Receiver

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    The issue is High School recruiting services...like Rivals.com for example. They have their Top 100 WR's for 2013...I am having a hard time wrapping my brain around the disparity....ONLY find 4 white WR's on the entire list! (one asian)....

    #16 Jake Oliver(6'-4")....#36 Devon Allen (6'-0)...#78 Dylan Cantrell(6'-2")...#100 Drew Wolitarsky(6'-3")

    Should it be so disproportionate?? (nearly 1:24) No way IMO....so according to Rivals there would only be 2 white WR's worthy to be starters??(32 teams/64 starters)...and one #3 WR?? Again...NO WAY! If it lined up with the NFL's list(8 starters)...it would be at least 12 out of the Top 100...maybe a 1:7 ratio instead?? I can find 7 or 8 more white WR's that could be in this Top 100...

    If college coaches/recruiters go ONLY by these "List"?? Then this uphill climb remains steep! Looks like the walk-on's will be the going trend for about 1/2 these talented white WR's.

    A few years back Southeast Recruiting Tom Lemming said white WR's had to be really special to stand out....sounds like to me white WR's are going thru what black QB's went thru in the 70's & 80's...

    Who are all of these recruiting experts?? Rivals.com is more fair with the 2013 TE's...9 of top 17 are white.
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