Wes Welker and the Unbearable Whiteness of Being an NFL Receiver

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    The issue is High School recruiting services...like Rivals.com for example. They have their Top 100 WR's for 2013...I am having a hard time wrapping my brain around the disparity....ONLY find 4 white WR's on the entire list! (one asian)....

    #16 Jake Oliver(6'-4")....#36 Devon Allen (6'-0)...#78 Dylan Cantrell(6'-2")...#100 Drew Wolitarsky(6'-3")

    Should it be so disproportionate?? (nearly 1:24) No way IMO....so according to Rivals there would only be 2 white WR's worthy to be starters??(32 teams/64 starters)...and one #3 WR?? Again...NO WAY! If it lined up with the NFL's list(8 starters)...it would be at least 12 out of the Top 100...maybe a 1:7 ratio instead?? I can find 7 or 8 more white WR's that could be in this Top 100...

    If college coaches/recruiters go ONLY by these "List"?? Then this uphill climb remains steep! Looks like the walk-on's will be the going trend for about 1/2 these talented white WR's.

    A few years back Southeast Recruiting Tom Lemming said white WR's had to be really special to stand out....sounds like to me white WR's are going thru what black QB's went thru in the 70's & 80's...

    Who are all of these recruiting experts?? Rivals.com is more fair with the 2013 TE's...9 of top 17 are white.
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    Fascinating posts all. The original one raises important questions. Still, I do think Gibbon makes good points about being sure that claims we make in favor of white athletes must be documented carefully and objectively confirmed, because white liberals will eagerly tear it all to shreds if they can. I think WHITE liberals are more to fear than black people due to higher intelligence and obsessive attack-dog mentality.

    Not sure our boys "change direction" better than blacks. Who could possibly change direction better than Willie Gallimore, Gale Sayers, Barry Sanders, Billy Sims, and so many other great black running backs? The great white running backs I'm most familiar with - Mike Alstott, John Riggins, Jim Taylor, Larry Csonka - were piledrivers. McCaffrey has some good moves and power, too. There have been a few white runners with great moves - Hugh McElhenny and Jon Arnett - but on the whole our guys are not as good in a broken field as black runners are. And, face it, we are not as fast in the sprints. You see this not just in America, but over the world, especially in the summer Olympics.

    What bugs me most, though, is the perception that quarterbacks aren't good athletes. I was on a forum the other day comprised solely of white guys and the debate was "Who is the Greatest Football Player of All Time?" Well, all these white fellows are nominating names like Jim Brown, Walter Payton, Jerry Rice, Barry Sanders, even O.J. Simpson. I said that Tom Brady is the greatest of all time. Immediately that choice was attacked. They responded, "We mean football players, not quarterbacks." I said, "So a quarterback is not a football player?" They said, "We mean athletes."

    What do you say to people with this kind of mentality? So the guy with 7 Super Bowl rings is neither a football player nor an athlete? Amazing. We can't even win over our own race. In another forum the question was raised, "Is Tiger Woods the greatest athlete of all time?" An astounding proposition! No one ever raised the question that Jack Nicklaus or Arnold Palmer or Ben Hogan or Gary Player or Sammy Snead might be the greatest athlete of all time. But, of course, they were just white guys.

    I watched a You Tube video in which the famous black boxing trainer Don Turner (of Evander Holyfield) was asked by a young white reporter his opinion of Rocky Marciano. The young white fellow strongly implied that Marciano was overrated, fought no one worth mentioning, was too small to have been great, etc. Don Turner turned on that reporter and told him in no uncertain terms that Marciano was among the best ever, that he hit harder than any fighter he'd ever seen, and that he'd destroyed the careers of greats such as Ezzard Charles and other fine fighters because of his incredible punching power. Turner then asked the white reporter if he though Walcott (black fighter) could have beaten Wlad Klitschko, and the reporter said, without hesitation, "Yes." But when Turner asked this reporter whether Marciano (conqueror of Walcott) could have beaten Klitschko, the reporter hesitated, obviously doubting Marciano. Turner then said sarcastically, "Why? Because he's white?" and turned to go.

    We can't even convince our own race that whites might be athletically equal to blacks.

    One other point: I think white football players work together better as a TEAM. If the NFL (or NCAA) were open-minded enough to not dictate politically correct directives and could tolerate all-white teams, I believe white teams would get more than their share of championships. White athletes are much more disciplined, play with greater intelligence, make fewer mistakes, and don't allow emotion to control them. Whites also have surer hands for catching, play more disciplined defense, commit fewer costly penalties, and obviously will have far better quarterbacks in both passing and decision-making, as well as greater coolness under pressure. But, of course, administrators would never allow it. While Bear Bryant's and Darrell Royal's teams were dominating college ball in the 1960s, the NCAA and media were apoplectic that Alabama and Texas had no blacks. But segregated Texas and Bama teams won 6 national championships between them from 1961-1970, so they were doing quite nicely without them, thanks.

    I am a graduate of the U of South Alabama, so I sometimes travel there for a football game. Several years ago I witnessed the only football game I've ever seen between an all-white team and a (virtually) all-black team. South Alabama was all black save at QB, while their opponent, Cal Poly, was all white - every single player. I heard South Alabama fans around me saying that South should win easily since Cal Poly was just a team of white nerds. The result, however, was unexpected by hometown fans: Cal Poly was leading by something like 48-7 when I left at the close of the 3rd quarter. Those highly disciplined white nerds were beating the pants off the local all-black team. But you know, I could not manage to pull for my own team in that game. After all, blood is thicker than alumnus membership.

    All-white football teams at the high school, collegiate, or pro level would, I think, beat all-black football teams more often than not. And maybe that is one reason the power structure won't allow competition between segregated football teams.
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    Dominant white athletes such as Michael Phelps, Wayne Gretzky and others are rarely mentioned in the GOAT overall athlete debate, any mention of them is shot down with hostility. Though sometimes white woman athletes are, but more rarely than a procession of black athletes with varying levels of validity for this claim and the half-native Jim Thorpe. Indeed, older black boxers and trainers have respect for white boxers rarely found in many white fans, I would even go as far as to say that DWFs believe in black athletic superiority more than blacks.

    This isn't entirely because these whites believe blacks are better athletes and refuse to reconsider their positions in light of evidence or otherwise.
    I think part of the reason for this behavior on the part of whites is to give certain nonwhites something to feel proud or superior about.
    To accredit them superior athletes and consign the physical/masculinity realm to them - borne out of white guilt.

    Saying that an all black football team would lose to an all white one sounds absolutely preposterous and blasphemous to most ears,
    but similar observations were made on this site concerning black and white teams at the high-school level and teams with higher white compositions.
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    So true, every word. Many whites don't realize that ceding the athletic high ground to blacks - for whatever deluded reason - is a serious mistake. Our pro and collegiate sports teams are such high profile things that they have an extreme influence on society's negative perception of white effectiveness and masculinity, harming self-confidence in young white boys and degrading our race in the eyes of many, including our own. But everyone here knows that, so it's preaching to the choir. But it's had dreadful effects on how all of America sees whites, and especially on young white boys.

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