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  1. Don Wassall

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    Sep 30, 2004
    Cris Collinsworth [​IMG]was at his racial pandering best during the Bears-Saints game last night. He repeatedly focused negative attention on Saints tackle Zach Diles, who was playing in place of the injured Jamaal Brown. Diles was called "limited," Brown "athletically gifted." Every time Diles didn't make a perfect block it was shown on instant replay with Collinsworth over and over reminding viewers what a non-athlete the Saints were forced to go with instead of Brown.

    Collinsworth was repeatedly critical of both Drew Brees and Kyle Orton. Orton was castigated for his "turnovers," but one of his two picks resulted because it clanked off of the hands of the awful Rashied Davis and into the waiting hands of a defender. Considering the non-receivers he has to deal with, Orton's play has been very good this year, especially so because the media and DWFs expected nothing out of him.

    And then there was Devin Hester, who was declared the hero of the game by Collinsworth even though he had but 4 receptions for 41 yards. Hester "won the game" because the Saints d-backs were terrible, lettingHester run by and then, instead of making a play on the ball when Hesterwas lookingfor it, blindly hacked him instead, resulting in two costly pass interference penalties.

    Hester has very poor hands, and even worse anticipation. On another play, when Hester actually made two cuts instead of just running down the field in a straight line, Collinsworth praised him for running his best route ever. If the defenders had just let him try and catch the long downfield passes they were penalized on, he most likely wouldn't have come up with them. But yetHester is the "star" on the Bears receiving corps compared to the other losers they have.

    Collinsworth also went into a prolonged fit when Jeremy Shockey (who has the worst hands of any white TE or WR in the league) dropped a pass. But all the drops by blacks were ignored, or commented on without similar dramatics. All in all, another solid anti-white performance by Cris.Edited by: Don Wassall
  2. Deadlift

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    Aug 2, 2007
    North Carolina
    Zach Strief is better than "real athlete" John St. Clair.

    Stinchcomb is better than sumo John Tait. Tait will probably be replaced with a slow-footed black version of himself.

    Erik Pears is very athletic and he should still be a starter in this league, but he gets blamed and demoted for Denver's poor season last year. He was undrafted so it was easy to bench him.

    I'm a realistic observer and I'm curious as to why Tait is a current starter when there are many athletic White lineman who aren't even on active rosters. I think this is the Caste System at work. "Let's hide (or have them go through a super-bulk) the lean, very strong and stout, quick-footed White lineman."

    On "scouting" reports, athletic White lineman are constantly told to bulk-up. A lot of DE's and LB's and safeties have gotten smaller, so heavier lineman are usually a liability. They can't cover the shorter, quicker blitzers. Defenders' have absolutely feasted on these pathetic lineman.

    If you are a black DE or DT and you fail in this watered-down league (become a bust), you REALLY suck! White defensive players usually excel when given a chance.
  3. dwid

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    Feb 17, 2008
    zach streif not diles, but yes i watched the game being that i am a diehard saints fan, jammal brown was good for about one season, and for whatever reason his production dropped off, streif did not get abused any more than brown has been this season, bare in mind streif doesnt have the experience, he did pretty well and i think he looked better than brown. The one play they kept showing where he got beat and they acted like brown wouldve won that battle, the truth is, brown would have not gotten beat, he would have gotten flagged for holding, which he does multiple times a game when he cant hold his own. This offensive line is greatly overrated because drew is so quick at getting the ball out. we did better with Lehr, at center, and have done better with Streif replacing Brown, and Stinchcomb has been the most consistent on the line

    also, yeah the praise for hester was ridiculous, i was so pist that the dumb safety had pass interference on that call, if that was kevin kaeshviharn it would have not happened, the clutch drives that the bears had mainly featured Greg Olsen, i dont understand why they kept praising hester, he got like 2 good plays because of penalties, and maybe a few catches, OLSEN looked like the best receiver in that game, shockey did drop one, but he is getting better as he gets more playing time with brees, they should be an awesome duo come next season. The second interception came because of the black tight end miller not following his assignment.Edited by: dwid
  4. backrow

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    Oct 23, 2005


    Peyton Hillis, FB Broncos: IR

    Byron Storer, FB Bucs: IR

    Jacob Hester, RB Chargers: 1 run for 9 yards on a fake punt, 3 catches for 24 yards

    Mike Cox, FB Chiefs: NSA

    Casey Cramer, FB Dolphins: IA

    Kyle Eckel, Eagles:

    Zak Keasay, FB 49ers: IR

    Madison Hedgec0ck, Giants: NSA

    John Kuhn, FB Packers: 1 carry for no yards

    Korey Hall, Packers: NSA

    Brad Hoover, FB Panthers: NSA

    Heath Evans, FB/RB Patriots: NSA

    Brian Leonard, RB Rams: IR

    Luke Lawton, FB Raiders: 1 catch for 3 yards

    Mike Karney, FB Saints: 3 carries for 1 yard

    Owen Schmitt, FB Seahawks: NSA

    Jim Kleinsasser, HB Vikings: NSA

    Garrett Mills, HB Vikings: NSA

    Jeff Dugan, FB Vikings: 2 carries for 4 yards


    Brandon Stokley, Broncos: 2-20

    Joe Jurevicius, Browns: IR

    Jerhame Urban, Cardinals: game high 82 yards and a TD on 3 catches [​IMG]

    Sean Morey, Cardinals: NSA

    Anthony Gonzalez, Colts: 1-6 [​IMG]

    Greg Camarillo, Dolphins: placed on IR with a torn ACL and meniscus

    Kevin Curtis, Eagles:

    Brian Finneran, Falcons: 1-4

    Matt Jones, Jaguars: suspended

    Mike Furrey, Lions: IR with a concussion

    John Standeford, Lions: 4-36

    Jordy Nelson, Packers: 1-9

    Wes Welker, Patriots: game high 6 catches for 69 yards and a TD [​IMG]

    Drew Bennett, Rams: IR

    Dane Looker, Rams: 1-9, also completed a pass for 11 yards and returned a punt for 10 yards

    Logan Payne, Seahawks: IR

    David Anderson, Texans: 1-4

    Kevin Walter, Texans: 2-8 [​IMG]


    Greg Olsen, Bears: 8-45

    Ben Utecht, Bengals: IA, INJ

    Derek Schouman, Bills: NSA

    Derek Fine, Bills: 2-23

    Tony Scheffler, Broncos: 1 carry for -1 yard

    Nate Johnson, Broncos: IR

    Steve Heiden, Browns:

    Troy Bienemann, Cardinals: NSA

    Jerame Tuman, Cardinals: IA

    Stephen Spach, Cardinals: NSA

    Scott Chandler, Chargers: NSA

    Brad Cottam, Chiefs: NSA

    Dallas Clark, Colts: career high 12 catches for career high 142 yards and a TD [​IMG]

    Jacob Tamme, Colts: NSA

    Tom Santi, Colts: IR

    Jason Witten, Cowboys: 5-44

    Anthony Fasano, Dolphins: 2-20

    Joey Haynos, Dolphins: his first NFL catch was on 19 yard TD [​IMG]

    Brent Celek, Eagles:

    Matt Schobel, Eagles:

    Ben Hartsock, Falcons: IR

    Justin Peele, Falcons: 1-5

    Jason Rader, Falcons: 1-26

    Sean Ryan, 49ers: 1-8

    Kevin Boss, Giants: 1-24

    Greg Estandia, Jaguars: 4-36

    Rich Angulo, Jaguars: 2-15

    Dan Campbell, Lions: NSA

    Casey Fitzsimmons, Lions: 1-8, also caught a 2 point conversion

    Jeff King, Panthers: 1-15

    Gary Barnidge, Panthers: NSA

    Dave Thomas, Patriots: NSA

    Tyson DeVree, Patriots: IA

    Joe Klopfenstein, Rams: 2-25

    Anthony Becht, Rams: 1-7

    Zach Miller, Raiders: 5-60

    John Madsen, Raiders: waived, again

    Todd Heap, Ravens: 1-24

    Quinn Sypniewski, Ravens: IR

    Chris Cooley, Redskins: 6-51

    Todd Yoder, Redskins: NSA

    Jeremy Shockey, Saints: 1-11

    Mark Campbell, Saints: IR

    John Carlson, Seahawks: game high 5-76 [​IMG]

    Will Heller, Seahawks: NSA

    Jeb Putzier, Seahawks: NSA

    Heath Miller, Steelers: 3-26

    Sean McHugh, Steelers: 1-7

    Matt Spaeth, Steelers: NSA

    Owen Daniels, Texans: 4-41

    Joel Dreesen, Texans: 2-9

    Mark Bruener, Texans: IA

    Craig Stevens, Titans: NSA



    Dusty Dvoracek, Bears: IR with a torn biceps

    Kyle Williams, Bills: 4 tackles

    Chris Hovan, Bucs: NSA

    Ryon Bingham, Chargers: 1 tackle

    Dan Klecko, DT/FB Eagles:

    Derek Landri, Jaguars: 1 tackle

    Rob Meier, Jaguars: 1 tackle for a loss

    Adam Carriker, Rams: 4 tackles

    Kelly Gregg, Ravens: IR

    Justin Bannan, Ravens: 1 tackle

    Ryan Boschetti, Redskins: NSA

    Brian Young, Saints: IR

    Craig Terrill, Seahawks: 2 tackles

    Chris Hoke, Steelers: NSA

    Tim Bulman, Texans: NSA

    Jeff Zgonina, Texans: NSA


    Jeff Mallard DE/DT, Bengals: waived

    Chris Harrington, Bengals: signed off Arizona practice squad, NSA

    Aaron Schobel, Bills: IR

    Ryan Denney, Bills: 3 tackles

    Chris Kelsay, Bills: 3 tackles

    John Engelberger, Broncos: 2 tackles

    Travis LaBoy, DE/LB Cardinals: NSA

    Bo Schobel, Cardinals: NSA

    Igor Olshansky, Chargers: 1 tackle

    Luis Castillo, Chargers: NSA

    Keith Grennan, Chargers: NSA

    Jason Babin, Chiefs: 6 tackles, 1 sack

    Josh Thomas, Colts: NSA

    Simon Fraser, Falcons: IA

    Kroy Biermann, Falcons: NSA

    Justin Smith, 49ers: 2 tackles

    Dave Tollefson, Giants: NSA

    Mike Devito, Jets: 5 tackles

    Jared DeVries, Lions: IR

    Aaron Kampman, Packers: 3 tackles

    Taylor Brayton, Panthers: 5 tackles, 1 sack

    Mike Wright, Patriots: 2 tackles, 1 sack, 1 forced fumble

    Trevor Scott, Raiders: 5 tackles, 2 sacks giving him 5 on the season [​IMG] gotta ask why don't Raiders use him more???

    Greyson Gunheim, Raiders: IA

    Chris Long, Rams: 3 tackles

    Jeff Charleston, Saints: NSA

    Josh Savage, Saints: NSA

    Patrick Kerney, Seahawks: IR

    Aaron Smith, Steelers: 8 tackles, 1 sack

    Brett Keisel, Steelers: IA, INJ

    Travis Kirschke, Steelers: 7 tackles

    Jesse Nading, Texans: NSA

    Kyle Vanden Bosch, Titans: IA, INJ

    Dave Ball, Titans: 1 tackle

    Jared Allen, Vikings: 3 tackles, 2 sacks

    Brian Robison, Vikings: 1 tackle, sack and forced fumble


    Brian Urlacher, Bears: team high 10 tackles

    Hunter Hillenmeyer, Bears: NSA

    Joey Larocque, Bears: NSA

    Paul Posluszny, Bills: 5 tackles, 1 interception for 9 yards

    Blake Constanzo, Bills: NSA

    John DiGiorgio, Bills: IR

    Teddy Lehman, Bills: NSA

    Niko Koutovides, Broncos: NSA

    Spencer Larsen, FB/MLB Broncos: IA, INJ

    Barrett Ruud, Bucs: game high 14 tackles [​IMG]

    Mike McCoy, Bucs: NSA

    Monty Beisel, Cardinals: NSA

    Matt Wilhelm, Chargers: 2 tackles

    Weston Dacus, Chiefs: IR

    Rocky Boiman, Chiefs: 7 tackles

    Andy Studebaker, Chiefs: NSA

    Jordan Senn, Colts: NSA

    Bobby Carpenter, Cowboys: NSA

    Zach Thomas, Cowboys: 3 tackles

    Matt Roth, Dolphins: 5 tackles, 1 sack

    Chris Gocong, Eagles:

    Stewart Bradley, Eagles:

    Keith Brooking, Falcons: 10 tackles

    Coy Wire, Falcons: 9 tackles, started at strongside backer in favor of former Atlanta favorite Boley to which he responded in a great fashion and their run defense was more stout. why did they wait so long with this move?

    Jeff Ulbrich, 49ers: NSA

    Chase Blackburn, Giants: 1 tackle

    Tim Shaw, Jaguars: NSA

    Brad Kassell, Jets: IR

    Cody Spencer, Jets: NSA

    Jordan Dizon, Lions: NSA

    AJ Hawk, Packers: game high 8 tackles and a sack

    Brady Poppinga, Packers: 7 tackles

    Brandon Chillar, Packers: 1 tackle

    Spencer Havner, Packers: NSA

    Adam Seward, Panthers: IA

    Dan Connor, Panthers: IR

    Mike Vrabel, Patriots: 5 tackles, 1 sack, 1 forced fumble

    Tedy Bruschi, Patriots: IA, INJ

    Ricky Brown, Raiders: IA, INJ

    David Vobora, Rams: NSA

    Chris Chamberlain, Rams: NSA

    Jarrett Johnson, Ravens: 4 tackles

    Nick Greisen, Ravens: NSA

    Scott Fujita, Saints: team high 8 tackles, 1 interception returned for 17 yards

    Rob Ninkovich, LB/DE Saints: signed from Dolphins PS

    Mark Simoneau, Saints: IR

    Troy Evans, Saints: 1 tackle

    Scott Shanle, Saints: 7 tackles

    Will Herring, Seahawks: NSA

    Patrick Bailey, Steelers: NSA

    Ryan Fowler, Titans: 1 tackle

    Chad Greenway, Vikings: 6 tackles, 0.5 sack

    Heath Farwell, Vikings: IR

    Ben Leber, Vikings: 5 tackles

    Vinnie Ciurciu, Vikings: NSA


    Craig Steltz, Bears: NSA

    Corey Lynch, Bengals: IR

    John Busing, Bengals: NSA

    John Wendling, SS Bills: NSA

    Dustin Fox, CB Bills: IA

    Jon Corto, S/LB Bills: NSA

    Nick Sorensen, SS Browns:

    Sabby Piscitelli, SS Bucs: 2 tackles

    Aaron Francisco, FS Cardinals: 2 tackles

    Steve Gregory, CB Chargers: 4 tackles

    Eric Weddle, SS Chargers: 5 tackles

    Jon McGraw, SS Chiefs: 1 tackle

    Matt Giordano, SS Colts: 1 pass defended

    Jamie Silva, FS Colts: NSA

    Sean Considine, SS Eagles:

    Eric Smith, FS Jets: 3 tackles

    Stuart Schweigert, Lions: 1 pass defended

    Ray Ventrone, S/WR Patriots: NSA

    Todd Johnson, SS Rams: 2 tackles

    Brannon Condren, FS Dolphins: NSA

    Jim Leonhard, FS Ravens: 6 tackles

    Tom Zbikowski, SS Ravens: NSA

    Reed Doughty, FS Redskins: IR

    Kevin Kaesviharn, FS/CB Saints: IR

    Chris Reis, SS Saints: NSA

    Brian Russell, FS Seahawks: 3 tackles

    Donnie Nickey, SS Titans: NSA

    Tuff Harris, CB Titans: NSA

    IA inactive
    NSA no stats accumulated
    DNP did not play
    INJ injured
    IR placed on injured reserve
    Edited by: backrow
  5. backrow

    backrow Hall of Famer

    Oct 23, 2005
    goddamit, Schaub already threw 8 completions to Andre Johnson, as opposed to 0 to Walter... wtf. he targeted him once on a long throw but he was covered by two Titans.

    TE Joey Haynos got his first NFL TD for DolphinsEdited by: backrow
  6. whiteathlete33

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    Mar 18, 2007
    New Jersey
    Did anyone hear anything about Terrell Owens accusing Romo of not throwing him the ball enough? I read something today in the paper and they didn't say it directly but made it sound like Owens said something about Romo choosing his buddy Witten to throw to.Edited by: whiteathlete33
  7. ToughJ.Riggins

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    Nov 19, 2006
    Ontario Canada
    Yeah it was discussed under the Cowboys team thread. It was big enough that it might have been good to have it as it's own thread in fact.
  8. whiteathlete33

    whiteathlete33 Hall of Famer

    Mar 18, 2007
    New Jersey
    I think that's ridiculous. Owens is like a 5 year old kid anywhere he plays.
  9. Poacher

    Poacher Mentor

    Jul 30, 2005
    Time to fire up the Wes Welker catch count board. At 2 after first five minutes of game.

    Now 4.

    Make it 6 and a TD. Still time to play.

    Over 100 on the year again.Edited by: Poacher
  10. ToughJ.Riggins

    ToughJ.Riggins Hall of Famer

    Nov 19, 2006
    Ontario Canada
    Jeremhe Urban with 3 catches for 82 yards and TD today for Arizona. He was the Cardinals leading WR today; even with all the talent they have at WR. Urban had a 50 yard long reception showing his good speed! Wes Welker had his 2nd TD of the season today and about 70 yards on 6 catches! [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  11. whiteathlete33

    whiteathlete33 Hall of Famer

    Mar 18, 2007
    New Jersey
    Jared Allen got 2 sacks today!! I love this guy. Also Dallas Clark had a monster day with 12 catches for 142 yards!!
  12. ToughJ.Riggins

    ToughJ.Riggins Hall of Famer

    Nov 19, 2006
    Ontario Canada
    Ladamian Tomlinson had 15 rushes for 39 yards and a TD today. That's a pathetic 2.6 yards per carry average with a long of 7 yards. LT continues to truly struggle with his turf toe, but the Chargers refuse to play Jacob Hester.

    Hester had one carry today for 9 yards; which was the longest run on the team along with Philip Rivers 9 yard run. Truly sickening that the Chargers won't give any hand-offs to the bread and Butter of LSU's championship run last year. Hester also had 3 catches for 24 yards with a long of 13 yards. LT had 6 catches for 35 yards with a long of 9 yards.

    Hester clearly could show more play-making ability than Tomlinson is showing right now with turf toe, but because Hester is white it will shake things up too much to give him a shot. A stupid journalist already wrote that the Charger's failures are due to not giving LT the ball enough. Is that writer on crack; has she been watching LT this season?
  13. Ibanez

    Ibanez Newbie

    Sep 1, 2008
    LT's career is now officially over. Like all running backs, he has reached the end of the long and bruising road. It is an unforgiving position that turns great atheletes into mush by the time they are 30 years old. They all wear out and this is the year where it is obvious with him. Look at Sean Alexander's dropoff for instance. At least Barry Sanders had some sense to pack it in and not be satisfied with being somebody's 1000 yard back. I'm going off on a tangent here, but the exception to this RB beating rule was that Curtis Martin guy who always got 1000 yards year after year after year.

    LT will be similar next year, and hopefully they will give Hester a legitimate shot-- but I won't hold my breath on that.
  14. ToughJ.Riggins

    ToughJ.Riggins Hall of Famer

    Nov 19, 2006
    Ontario Canada
    I'm not certain LT doesn't have the skill anymore; he has turf toe this year. Hester absolutely deserves some carries, but the media and LT would frown upon it. LT has already indicated that he may want to move to another team. I just reported about the stupid newspaper article saying the Charger's failures can be blamed on the under-use of LT (Don Wassall posted it in the Chargers forum). The writer must be on crack to write that; more like severe overuse. Hester is another Jerome Bettis; and he would be great in the Chargers offense!
  15. whiteathlete33

    whiteathlete33 Hall of Famer

    Mar 18, 2007
    New Jersey
    The San Diego depth chart has Tomlinson, Sproles, and then Hester at running back. That midget Sproles at 5'6 181 lbs is tiny. He can get a chance but guys like Woodhead can't.
  16. backrow

    backrow Hall of Famer

    Oct 23, 2005
    having said that, Chargers are stupid in not giving Sproles any carries as well, he is a good change of pace back. Hester is a workhorse who should be getting more touches at the expense of obviously gimped LT.
  17. Bear Backer

    Bear Backer Mentor

    Jan 23, 2007
    I think LT probably has one maybe two good years left as a starter, but I think he is done as the premiere back in the NFL. I am not sure I buy into the whole toe issue being his whole problem this year. His decline has been noticeable to me since last year and has continued at a greater pace into this season. He still puts up some big numbers from time to time, but he seems to have lost the ability to consistenty take over games and force defenses to really fear him like he once had. It is just unfathomable to me that with a quality guy like Hester who has both the potential to be a work horse and a 3rd down option, that the Chargers are not getting him itno the mix AT ALL! Especially with Tomlinson struggling.
  18. Don Wassall

    Don Wassall Administrator Staff Member

    Sep 30, 2004
    Tomlinson's toe hasn't been an issue, by his own admission, since about Week 5. He's clearly in decline. The same thing happened to Marshall Faulk, who is the back Tomlinson is most comparable to. Faulk was dominant running and receiving, but once he began to decline he did so quickly.
  19. Bart

    Bart Hall of Famer

    Feb 6, 2005

    I wonder if Johnson pulled a TO routine and threw a hissy fit after Walter's big game last week. Wouldn't surprise me. Walter had 2 catches today for a measly 8 yards. I don't think he gets near 1,000 yards now. [​IMG]

    Edit: Spelling stinks lately.Edited by: Bart
  20. Don Wassall

    Don Wassall Administrator Staff Member

    Sep 30, 2004
    When Tony Romo needed clutch plays tonight, he still went to Jason Witten instead of hands of stone T.O., and Witten kept delivering.What will the poor, oppressed Negroes of the Cowboys and the NFL do for an encore in light of this development?
  21. White Shogun

    White Shogun Hall of Famer

    Mar 2, 2005
    Honestly, I did not expect this. I thought for sure they'd change the game plan to get the Black Three more throws.
  22. Van_Slyke_CF

    Van_Slyke_CF Mentor

    Oct 11, 2007
    West Virginia
    John Madden and Al Michaels seemed to enjoy pointing out some of the Cowboys' OG Cory Procter's mistakes, but when the Giants' pathetic black sumo Kevin Boothe was doing the cha-cha instead of pass protection, not a peep of criticism came from the geriatric announcers.

    In the studio at halftime: Collinsworth sounded as stupid as his tie looked, Costas looks like he belongs in a morgue, Olbermann should stick with the news, and Patrick should do hockey or something besides football. And instead of that old bag Andrea Kremer on the sidelines, just have one of the cheerleaders talk to the coaches at halftime to give the male viewers something nice to look at.
  23. Don Wassall

    Don Wassall Administrator Staff Member

    Sep 30, 2004
    Usually the two overpaidboys in the booth make a big deal toward the end of the game over who is going to be the "Horse Trailer" player or players of the game. They never talked about it tonight until after the game was over and they came back from commrcial break. The obvious choices were Tony Romo, who overcame a back injury early on and played a gutsy game in leading his team to a must-win over the defending champs; and Jason Witten, Mr. Clutch, who once again came through. In other words, a victory for the small white minority against the racist black majority and their enablers in the NFL and the media.

    But the toned-down "honor" instead went to threeblack Dallas players, two on defense and one on offense. Big surprise.
  24. Colonel_Reb

    Colonel_Reb Hall of Famer

    Jan 9, 2005
    The Deep South

    Same here Shogun. I was just flat out wrong, but I'm glad I was. Witten is too clutch to ignore.
  25. dwid

    dwid Hall of Famer

    Feb 17, 2008
    boothe should be cut immediately after that performance

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