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    Jun 3, 2016
    I know most of you don't follow the Canucks, I have followed them since their first game in the NHL. I can say I am quite disappointed in some of the deals the Canucks have made in the past few years. The trade that really pissed me off was letting Kevin Bieksa go, he was the heart and soul of the Canucks, tough as nails and extremely reliable behind his own blueline. The second was by passing Matthew Tychyuk for Olli Juolevi, too soft of a player and Canucks without Tryamkin, Pedan are not getting any tougher to play against. Gubranson and Dorsett remain the only guys who can fight if needed as well as Bo Horvat and Jake Virtanen who are tough as nails to play against. The third is trading Jannick Hansen one of the fastest skaters in the NHL, excellent for-checker, good defensively and could score...

    For this years roster the Canucks have 7 europeans and 6 North Americans at forward. Finally for the first time in I do not remember when they have 7 Canadian Dmen and only 1 European(Edler) who sucks. They have 2 6'6" swedish giants in goal. They have improved their coaching staff considerably over last year. I still believe Trevor Linden is going to take them where they need to go in the next few years. He leadership as a player was on the same level as Joe Sakic. He is determined, loyal to Vancouver fans as well as the Vancouver Canucks organization.

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