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    Jul 15, 2011
    Lombard used to trainin the U.S. but now trains in Australia. He was training at Eric Paulson's gym, and was know for being a bully, so one day Josh Barnett, walked up to him and called him out on it. Eric Paulson said one day he walked into the gym and saw Barnett mounted on Lombard punching him in the face. Paulson said Barnett let him up and then Lombard walked out and left the gym. Paulson's told the story online a few times.
    Lombard later got koed at Gracie Barrera by Babalu and left that gym. Lombard walks around at 210 and fights guys that are around 170.
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    Yeah, I heard that story as well. Lombard is known for being ferocious during training and not giving a crap who he hurts.
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    Stann will KO Lombard. Lombard was afraid to rematch Schlemenko as well as he knew what would happen.

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