Two sports I want eliminated in High School

Discussion in 'Other Sports' started by Shadowlight, May 7, 2018.

  1. Shadowlight

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    Mar 16, 2013
    Despite ESPN and their "limited" coverage the two sports that help keep the caste system alive and well are volleyball and lacrosse.

    These are havens for white athletes who disappear up a black hole while the black athletes star in the true media driven sports like baseball, basketball and football.

    Volleyball takes away too many white players from playing basketball.

    And lacrosse sucks potential white athletes away from baseball and football. And soccer to a lesser extent.

    Of the two lacrosse is the biggest problem. A lot of schools may not field boys volleyball teams although girls volleyball takes away from girls playing basketball. Lacrosse though is played in more high schools and serves no purpose from my perspective except to keep white athletes away from football and baseball.

    So from a caste perspective these two sports are really bad news when it comes to the current caste lay out in sports.

    Get rid of them!! Too bad there is little chance of that happening.
  2. La France Blanche

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    Sep 12, 2016
    College baseball is very white, and for that reason it doesn't get much attention from the sports media. Americans would rather watch baseball than basketball, but the (((media))) know which :afro: race they want to promote. Major League Baseball gets decent coverage, but only because of the flood of Dominicans and other non-white Latin Americans that are steadily kept flowing into the league.

    In a typical suburban high school, including the one I went to, tall white girls played volleyball and tall black girls played basketball. Once a sport, any sport, it doesn't matter what it is, reaches a tipping point of black players, most whites stay away because they wouldn't be able to stand the locker room culture. It's never said out loud, but a lot of white guys who played baseball and football in high school choose baseball in college for racial reasons. They don't want to deal with the TNB in the typical college football program, not to mention having to serve a racial apprenticeship/be a walk-on due to their lack of melanin.
  3. NWsoccerfan

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    Jun 3, 2014
    I've always disliked sports like football because they are easy to manipulate. If the powers at hand want mostly black stars in these sports, it's pretty easy to accomplish. You just start mildly ignoring white athletes at the highschool level, which is what happens. Less whites end up going to big schools and in turn less whites stand out to be drafted. Less whites then go on to the professional level, and the ones that do then can be mildly ignored and usually just fizzle out. I prefer sports that are either 1 on 1 such as fight sports, or timed/measured sports like track and field. Also, with track and field or fight sports, you don't get the embarrassment to the white race fan boys that follow the nfl and buy the jerseys and watch 8 different games on Sunday.
  4. white is right

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    Feb 16, 2006
    If Lacrosse was a strictly amateur sport I would agree but there is a pro league and the players can make decent money playing it.

    In Europe the Italian league paid players 7 figures to play in their league, so I don't have a problem with either sport for that reason.....
  5. TOWG

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    Aug 17, 2013
    I do not watch the NBA and rarely watch College basketball this goes back to an incident int eh 60's at my high school. There was white guard who was all state his sophamore and Junior years. His senior year the Feds consolidate what had been two school systems. The black basketball coach never played him or any other white player for a single minute. He coasched at this school for 15 more years until he retired. I have gotten so fed up with the Caste system that now I only watch white friendly sports. Baseball, Hockey, College LacRosse, swimming, Worlds Strongest Man and individual sports like boxing, tennis and track. If enough people do the same the Caste system will fail l because it is depended on advetisers money who follow TV ratings. So, either they get the message or they do not survive
  6. JackLambertsTeeth

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    Jun 20, 2019
    West Virginia
    One could argue the good of having white sports for kids in more diverse areas and more sports opportunities for kids who go to megaschools outweighs any small reduction in whites who might have made the pros in a major sport.
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  7. wile

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    Sep 29, 2011
    Football is about the only stick and ball sport I watch with any regularity at all, and that is mostly habit since I am a youngish baby boomer that thinks North Dallas Forty is a cultural artifact. But I knew in 8th grade my football days were done I simply was too far behind physically at that age, so I took up motocross. One thing I regret is that motocross has no team aspect and I think it hinders socialization. I noticed us baby boomer and gen X motocross racers on the pro level were horrible at public relations in comparison to the new generation who are not only fast but telegenic. Point being if I could have gone back in time I would have wanted a non-contact running around sport to have played on a team.

    IMO the public school system is dead institution walking.

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