Tom Watson; Ryder Cup Captain

Discussion in 'Golf' started by Carolina Speed, Aug 11, 2014.

  1. Carolina Speed

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    Feb 13, 2011
    With the final Ryder Cup players to be announced on September 3rd, Tom Watson can't seem to figure out whether or not to pick Tiger Woods.

    *This is making me sick, this just in. Everyone on The Golf Channel's, The Morning Drive say Tiger's an honest guy. Really? Ask his ex-wife, who may know or may not know him best, if he's an honest guy.*

    Back to topic. Oh yeah, Tom Watson also said Tiger was an honest guy. This guy has duped everyone or maybe everyone's too cowardly to tell the truth.

    Watson said several weeks ago before Woods came back from his injury, he would have to see how Tiger plays and how his back holds up. Well Tom, 4 tournaments, 2 missed cuts, a withdrawal, and a 69th place later, and a hurting back and hip popping out of place, or something, do you need any more information?

    When pressed today during Watson's conference he again said he would have to see how Tiger feels and how he's playing. One reporter said, "it doesn't look like he'll play this week." What are you going to do Tom? How else are you going to evaluate Tiger if he doesn't play and based on what he's already shown, (to be injured,) To which he said I'll tell you September 3rd.

    I'm losing a little respect for Tom Watson. No way Tiger Woods should be a part of the Ryder Cup team based on Tom Watson's own comments!

    Will we ever have our own Caste Football radio show? Where the truth would be exposed. I would love to see it happen some day!
  2. Leonardfan

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    Jul 30, 2006
    Not an avid golf fan but tiger woods sharp and steep decline has been great to see. I saw a commercial for the British open a few weeks ago at the gym and bspn had woods as the centerpiece
    of it's ads for coverage of the British open. They hype the hell out of him even though he has been a non factor since like 2009 or so. Just a real obvious illustration of their agenda.

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