Tim Anderson Compares Himself to Jackie Robinson, says baseball is boring, whines

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    Another whiny negro


    Tim Anderson’s baseball life is often a lonely one—even when he’s on first base, usually the most social stop on the diamond. “My conversation is limited over there,” he says. “It’s like, What’s up, dude? What’s up, man? How you doin’ today? Because we don’t have nothing in common.” He doesn’t speak Spanish; he doesn’t hunt or fish

    is the only African-American on the White Sox roster, making him one of only 72 black players in a game that, percentage-wise, was more than twice as black as recently as 1994. For Anderson, though, this is not just a matter of statistics. He says he feels out of place in baseball, like he belongs on the field but not in the game.

    Most days, he keeps this problem to himself. But sometimes it surfaces. On April 17, in the fourth inning of a lightly attended home day game, he cracked a two-run homer to deep left to put Chicago up on the Royals. The moon shot became notable for what would follow it. As he was leaving the batter’s box, Anderson spun to face his dugout, and he fired his bat toward it in triumph before rounding the bases. When Anderson came up next, leading off the sixth, Kansas City pitcher Brad Keller fired a 92-mph fastball at his backside, and the benches cleared. Major League Baseball suspended Keller five games for throwing at Anderson and Anderson for one game for what it called his “conduct”: He had allegedly called Keller, who is white, a “weak-ass f------ n-----.”

    He doesn’t regret it. He doesn’t think he deserved to be suspended. He doesn’t think baseball’s mostly white hierarchy should be allowed to tell him when and how he can use a word that for two centuries has been used to oppress his people. “That’s a word that’s in my vocabulary,” he says.

    Sometimes the indignities are smaller. After the Royals series, he tore up his left thumb sliding into second in Detroit, so he dug around in the team first-aid kit until he found a one-inch dot the color of flesh—someone else’s flesh. “That’s small stuff,” he says. “We got bigger problems.” But it is symbolic of his place in his sport in 2019. Anderson plays a white man’s game, and he plays it in a white man’s Band-Aid.

    “I kind of feel like today’s Jackie Robinson,” he says. “That’s huge to say. But it’s cool, man, because he changed the game, and I feel like I’m getting to a point to where I need to change the game.”

    He did not appeal the suspension, he says, because there would have been no point. “I don’t think there’s a black guy that’s up that high in baseball that they could drag in and be like, ‘Hey, what do you think we should do to this guy?’ ” he says. While the game has grown more diverse overall—41% of players today are of color, according to MLB statistics—Latin Americans have made up most of that growth. They too face a sense of isolation and discomfort, and they have been among the wave of players introducing emotion into the game, but the experience of a Latino is not identical to that of an African-American. At the moment, if Anderson wants to see someone who looks like him in his clubhouse, he has to look in the mirror.

    For a long time he was quiet about all this. This season marks Anderson’s fourth in the majors; he had never before made waves for his play or his words. So why speak up now?

    Chicago holds the second-largest black community in the country, about 900,000 people. He wants to inspire them. He wants to show them what someone who looks like them can do. “I’m bringing something to baseball that’s never been brought, as far as the swag,” he says. “I love fashion, and just being different, and bringing black culture to baseball and doing it in a different way, because today’s game is boring. . . . [After the bat flip,] a lot of people who don’t watch baseball, they actually gave me feedback, like, ‘Man, if this is going on in baseball, I better watch it.’ ”
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    Never heard of this loser.
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    Thanks for the link KS, but the first thing that should have been included is the author's name: Stephanie Apstein. Need I say more? What other group would go out of it's way to foment so much anti-white hatred and try to divide white (Gentiles) and blacks even more than we have been the last decade? Considering all the anti-white-bigotry pouring out of Apstein and others like her that have controlled SI for decades, does it come as any surprise the publication is a shadow of what it was? Who wants to read anti-white, social justice bull crap all the time from "whites" like Apstein?

    The big story here is Apstein and her fellow anti-whites have finally found their constantly sulking, sour faced, baseball version of Colin Kapernik or LeBron James, who will be more than happy to attack "whites" any time, any place in order to please his puppet-masters hiding behind the curtain. I mean can Hair Plugs (Fro Plugs) LeBron James even wipe his own rear, without asking Comrade Adam Silver for permission?

    Apstein type's thought they had found their "man" two years ago with a angry, white-hating mulatto on the Oakland A's, who was a very rare African-American catcher. But he was sort of short, pudgy and didn't possess MLB talent and was even arrested in Arizona. Big mouthed, wildly over-payed Dexter Fowler looked like a possibility, as he seems to really hate whitey, but I'm sure our "friends" were bit "leery of him" due to his Iranian wife? Now, in the form of Tim Anderson, they've found their dour-faced black man and he's actually a decent player. So why not use this modern day version of Jeff Leonard or Jim Rice as their personal attack dog to go after their "biggest threats" on earth -- European whites? Gee, I wonder how soon it will be before power hitting midget Mookie Betts (steroids anyone?) joins the growing MLB white-hating club?

    Here are some random comments:

    Can't say I know much about Jackie Robinson, but Anderson must've watched the Hollyweird movie that portrayed him as some sort of militant-black panther-type, because based on all I've read and seen about him for years he appeared to be the exact opposite. Fact is, after Robinson retired from baseball, he was seen as a "Uncle Tom" type by many blacks because of his staunch support for the Republican Party/Nixon and his Conservative views. We discussed Jackie's demeanor in length several years back here at CF. Seems like low IQ Anderson doesn't seem to have a clue about Jackie: http://castefootball.us/index.php?threads/2013-mlb-baseball-season.15547/#post-273161

    Currently, the Chicago White Sox have a majority non-white roster, including some black Dominicans and several mulatto Latins, but that still upsets Tim Anderson and Stephanie Apstein types? Think they would've ever written the same, sympathetic article if NBA star Kevin Love, for example, was bitching and crying about how lonely it is being the "only European American" on the Cleveland Cavaliers roster, which features whites from places like Canada, Australia and Croatia?

    Finally, if I were Brad Keller or Randall Grichuk I would absolutely keep my mouth shut regarding Anderson, because even the most benign criticism of new media darling Saint Tim Sour Face will be met with unmitigated cries of "racism" from Stephanie Apstein and others in the media. Why bother reacting goys, he can do or say anything he wants to and will never be taken to task? Who cares if Anderson throws the bat in a disrespectful way, spits at white fans in the stands, advocates white genocide publicly or runs the bases backwards after a long dinger? He's so darn cool and, the fact is, there are not nearly enough cool "Anderson types" in baseball, unlike the NBA and NFL.

    Actually, let me amend the last point: Anderson can do or say what he wants to "most white fans", but if he ever goes the Delmon Young route, and picks on the "special whites", it could have dire consequences and he might even need to buy a plane ticket to Israel to smooth things over: https://www.huffpost.com/entry/how-the-jewish-community-can-forgive-delmon-young_b_1497500
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    I remember the Delmon Young incident well. What a hilarious spectacle that was. Gotta love how the author of the article’s first piece of advice on how Delmon can make amends is by making a donation to the local “Holocaust” Museum. Lol, you gotta give these kosher critters credit on how relentlessly shameless they are about guilting goyim into showering shekels into their local holohoax industry (which are conveniently in every city now). Getting people to care about an event that supposedly happened in foreign countries, to a foreign tribe of peoples, nearly a century ago is no small feat. That takes hutzpah!
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    I think Jackie Robinson is a fair comparison to Tim Anderson. Both of them are black as coal.

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