The NFL goes to War against the Patriots

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    Sep 30, 2004
    Possibly. But even this year's almost entirely White-free draft (with no prominent White QBs) didn't seem to dim the ardor of the ever faithful DWFs.

    The league -- and societal elites in general -- keep ratcheting up the anti-White agenda. So far there's some murmuring and muttering but no real signs of a genuine pushback, and until that comes the agenda will continue to be pushed hard.

    I don't think the goal is to entirely replace White QBs, perhaps make the position look much more like the two other positions Whites are still allowed to play: tight end and offensive lineman, where the breakdown is roughly equal numbers of black and white starters.
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    Jul 6, 2011
    If the four game suspension stands Brady's first game will be on Sunday October 18 in prime time against...Indianapolis. It will break every regular season TV ratings record. I don't know if NBC has already sold their advertising spots but if they have game specific commercials, rather than packages for multiple weeks, I would expect NBC to do very well out of it.
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    I keep hearing that the suspension will be halved to two games on appeal. The whole point of the 4 games was for Goodell to look tough and then be partially bailed out buy the appeals process, kind of how the Republicans want the courts to bail them out on their amnesty cowardice.

    On sports talk radio I heard the host say he thought that Brady should be suspended for the eight games against divisional opponents and 1 playoff game. No talk of lethal injection or the electric chair yet.
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    I shared the article on Twitter

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