The Black Locker Room and the Illusion of Fair Play

Discussion in 'NFL' started by Shadowlight, Sep 4, 2018.

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    Mar 16, 2013
    This ordeal relates to college football too.

    I and many here have always figured there is a reluctance for teams to sport a star white running back which means a lot of players have to be on the same page. We have also noticed that black QBs have not blended well with white WRs. And there are only a paltry dozen or so white WRs in the entire league. Same holds true for white DBs as we know.

    This past Super Bowl where the Patriots white receivers were gobbling up star like stats their non white defense couldn't stop anything. Was the defense not properly motivated because the white skill players on offense would take all the glory? Are most black players only motivated by having black glory players on their team? Just a question but worth asking given what we have seen over the years.

    White players since the 1990s have become servants to the cause of the black skill position players who ultimately get cast as heroes.

    By servants their main task is to ensure that black players get the glory. These servants would include the punter and kicker. Offensive linemen. What about the QB? The QB is both the hero and servant. The white QB has been exalted and that can't be ignored. But they also are the key facilitator for black skill players especially of course the receivers who garner their own stardom as a result of having a good connection with their QB.

    But what would happen if the white players decided to suddenly become unmotivated because there were say no white skill stars? In other words if white players took up a racial cause in the way black players seemingly do?

    So if white blockers decide to give less than 100% with a black RB and white QBs treat throwing to black WRs the way black QBs treat white WRs then the black skill position heroes would start to shrivel up would they not?

    White players have tried hard for their black teammates for ages now. Can the same be said for black players when it comes to their white teammates?

    The main point I am trying to make is that it is unhealthy. I also think it would be instructive if black players felt the sting of what white players have been subjected to over the years. Just once I'd like a black WR feel the pain of having a white QB ignore them on purpose.

    The bottom line is in today's locker room racial fairness and true racial harmony are lacking because blacks are too often territorial and racially demanding. I want to see that dynamic change so we can get back to the true competitive nature of sports that isn't filtered through the inner disdain too many blacks feel towards their white teammates, especially those in the glory spots. The black players have no issues of course with those that play the role of the perfect servant.
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  2. booth

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    Jul 23, 2015
    Shadowlight you just describe life for whites in prison. Ever thing is based on race, where you sit, eat, stand, wash, our place in the yard. who to look at, or where to look. No **** man ever little thing is about race. How ever there is a difference in prison life and a locker room full of blacks wanting to be boss man . Whitey will take Blackie birthday in a blink of an eye for disrespecting him, while in a locker room whites just take it and even go along with blacks just to get along. As long as they keep bending over and taking it up their rumps whites will always be blacks bitches.
  3. GiovaniMarcon

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    Mar 2, 2008
    Westwood, California
    I agree with this post.

    Only thing for me is, if White athletes in team sports decided to play half-ass either through lame effort or inferior skill-set or BOTH (like Black players usually do in the NBA), it would be even more of an excuse for Whites to be completely eliminated from sports where Blacks are the majority.

    I think in a fair world, maybe 40-50% or more of the NBA should be White, and as for the NFL, forget about it—it should be like 80%, with close to 100% White at quarterback. What Blacks do exist in such a league should mostly be on defense or running back or flanker back on offense.

    The +/- one third of players in the NFL and one fourth in the NBA that are White are only there because they play at 200% of the level of Blacks.
  4. Silence Dogood

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    Apr 28, 2017

    We have no choice but to just continue to keep playing hard, and hope that enough people get injured for our guys to get a shot. Look at how long and how many injuries it took for Peyton Hillis to get his chance. Even then, they wouldn't pay the man, so he tried to pull a prima donna act and it killed his career. Only white QB get to complain and threaten to hold out and get paid.

    Whites have to considerably outperform the same blacks at skill positions, and even then chances are there will be a racial apprenticeship just to get a shot at getting a shot. Whites have to take what's given and run with it, and hope it's enough. The Ryan Nall situation is complete bs. He earned a spot as a HB on that roster. Zach Zenner was the Lions best back '16. Now look he doesn't even get to play. Mike Hass should have been the next Jerry Rice (who would have been a 4th round pick at best in today's NFL, btw), yet he gets tossed around the league and sent to practice squads. Even when a black player tries to hype him up and get him on the field, like Nate Burlson did when they were teammates in Seattle, he doesn't get a shot.

    Look at the discrepancy in pay between Adam Thielen and Stephony Diggs. Look at Jordy Nelson's contract when he resigned with GB a few years back. Under 10 mil a year for a guy that in the 3 years prior to black QB Brett Hundley averaged a 93-1363-12 stat line.

    Get real, those are top-3 in the entire league numbers. We need to encourage our kids to play, and get some of our guys to take up coaching positions so we can play our players. It won't change otherwise.
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    Sep 29, 2011
    Need to discredit the college recruitment racket

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