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    Look, for the stupos that don't know yet, Marlowe will show you:


    Lying Liberal Jewish Media Now In Freefall

    By Phillip Marlowe

    Now that the phony Russian “kookspiracy” has fallen apart at the seams — after months and months of pretend outrage — everybody is talking about the totally obvious left-wing media agenda to attack Trump. But America doesn’t believe their bull crap any longer. Except of course, totally brainwashed libtards who work as “useful idiot” foot soldiers in the destruction of America.

    One thing to keep in mind, is that the Internet is exposing all the patent lies. I certainly hope I’ve done my part. Blacks ARE violent criminals and militant brats, immigrants ARE completely worthless, homos and trannys ARE disgusting perverts, Jews ARE big fat lying hypocrites. The house of cards is coming down, jack!

    Listen up, people: Bolshevik Jews are getting panicky. They can’t stand the fact their lefty BS is now falling on deaf ears. The saturation point to their brainwashing has come and gone. The pendulum is swinging back the other way — fast.

    Now’s the time to make hay while the sun shines. It’s only a matter of time before these rats resort to extreme censorship of Whites everywhere. Youtube comments are going off the chart with Jew talk and disgust with blacks and homos. Multicult-pushing Jew, Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook is hiring three thousand more people simply for censorship work. Lefty media in Germany, France and Sweden have already been censoring awakening Whites like crazy. Whites have had enough of their lands turned into foreigner crap holes.

    Obongo NSA minion, Susan Rice, tells us she’s under fire only because she’s blackish and female. Oh boy, she must be nervous where things are headed. So, I guess the creeps think they can do whatever they want when they’re a “person of color” and an “empowered woman.” I don’t think so, lefty BYATCH!

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    Susan Rice is under fire for arming ALCIADA and helping to murder an ambassador and lying about it and the stand down. Did I mention the Ukraine? Oh yea and tons of other stuff, she has no defense so she is using her race and sex to shield her from the truth bearing down on her. It only further enhances her guilt.
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    (Pro-Trump) Michael Savage's radio show cancelled, to be replaced with Trotskyite and arch-Zionist and never-Trumper "Rabbi" Ben Shapiro, "as the globalist attack on patriots continues" and in preparation for the 2020 Presidential Run.

    Last week, CRTV was bought out by Deep State operative and globalist RINO shill, Glenn Beck. Gavin McInnes, who was part of the CRTV team, was quickly purged. Michelle Malkin, who was also part of CRTV, resigned, instead of working for him. Dan Bongino also no longer affiliated with CRTV. Of course arch-Zionist and original never-Trumper, Mark Levin, remains.
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