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    Sep 30, 2004
    I was reading Paul Kersey's 'We Do Own This Game,' which is an excellent summary of how some White football players have been slighted and stereotyped by the Caste System, and besides re-publishing it on the homepage, I was wondering how he managed to put together so many news articles in one piece. Besides having lots of energy and ambition, my guess is that he keeps files on relevant articles when they appear, something unfortunately that we (I) have dropped the ball on over Caste Football's existence. So -- I figured better late than never, thus the new forum "Understanding the Caste System."

    This forum will contain J. B. Cash's articles, and will also provide a place to archive other material for those who want to better understand how the Caste System works.

    If you come across a relevant article, post it here as its own thread, or pm it to me. Your help is appreciated as my plate is full with a lot of different obligations and though CF has always been a labor of love, it's always depended on supporters doing their part.

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