Sports champions visiting the Trump White House

Discussion in 'Happy Hour' started by La France Blanche, Jan 21, 2019.

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    Sep 12, 2016
    The purpose of this thread is to showcase pictures and positive articles about championship sports teams visiting President Donald J. Trump at the White House. After all the attention, headlines, and slobbering media worship that grandstanding racist blacks and cowardly, virtue signaling white liberals have gotten for refusing to visit Trump, I thought it would be nice to shine a spotlight on the other side for a change.

    Here is the University of Oklahoma softball team, Division I NCAA champions:

    12100.jpg 12101.jpg 12102.jpg


    - Genuinely diverse
    - Genuinely happy to be there
    - Engaging in Christian prayer
    - Feminine (not butch) manner of dress

    As a former college softball player, the "butch" stereotype, like most stereotypes, has some truth and some exaggeration to it. But it's nice to see the opposite being shown here.

    No politics, just enjoying the moment and the unique opportunity to visit the White House and meet the President. I would have been willing to do the same had my team met Barack Obama. Too bad the bitter, hyper-partisan, far-left, grandstanding, virtue signaling SJWs are not.
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    Good idea for a thread. Hopefully the Patriots will be going again in a few weeks. Well at least the White players and the respectable blacks.

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