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Discussion in 'Soccer' started by sunshine, May 27, 2005.

  1. sunshine

    sunshine Mentor

    Dec 22, 2004
    Here we go again. Echoing a recent NY Times piece Grant Wahl(not the worst SI writer) insinuates that the rise of black striker Eddie Johnson is a revolutionary step. He cites his defensive back--speed/hops etc prowess as the next step forward. Again stuff like this is a total affront to caste for it suggests that once again black athletes are superior to the "leaden white boys". And now that seemingly blacks are showing up in greater numbers in soccer here in the states this hype will only continue. Perhaps all the whites in soccer will be wiped out like in football. No CB's, no TB's and few WR's. And we will have to endure years of media blather regarding the "swift black athlete and stiff slow white athletes" forever and ever. And then some more after we die in case we missed it the first go around.
  2. jwhite96

    jwhite96 Guru

    Dec 11, 2004
    Eddie Johnson ,while scoring impressively against weak teams, totally
    disappeared against the best team in North America ,Mexico. The
    superman couldn't do anything ,but "a leadin white boy" Eddie
    Lewis scored the only goal for the USA. In the game vs. England
    on 5/28/05, all the impressive US players were "leadin white boys".
    There is are several white forward, better than Eddie Johnson,
    who possess similar speed.Josh Wolff consistently beat the
    England defenders ..Both England goals were the result of the one of
    the 2 super black studs on the field representing the USA: Eddie Pope.
    Maybe ,if Josh Wolff can paint himself black,he will have a
    chance to play again. There are other white forwards better than
    Johnson include

    Brian McBride who scored 9 goals playing part time this season in
    the best league in the world :English Premier League. Landon Donovan a
    white forward, was named best under age 17 player in the world in 1998
    and is the best player in the MLS. But Donovan will have to move
    to make room for Eddie Johnson and McBride, because he doesn't
    have the right skin color he will also make way for Johnson.
    Johnson has not shown the ability to score against top competiton ,like
    Brian McBride .has (including 3 goals in World Cup competiton).
    When Johnson can score consistently against real competiton then I
    respect him. Until then he is just another overhyped black
  3. Jimmy Chitwood

    Jimmy Chitwood Hall of Famer

    Aug 10, 2005
    was this the same article that SI had showcasing a possibleall-black U.S. soccer team? and bragging about what that meant for how far the game had come here in the States. can you imagine what would happen if someone did an article with the premise of an all-white team? they'd be fired! [​IMG]

    despite this blatant racist double standard, the U.S. national team, and its nearly all-white roster has dominated Gold Cup play so far, with its loss to Mexico the only blemish on their record. and they've done it with pace (the soccer term for speed) from Eddie Lewis andLandon Donovan and in the air (does that mean the guy can jump) with McBride. amazing! how can the lead-footed white boys being doing it? *don't you just love sarcasm*
  4. Southern Knight

    Southern Knight Guru

    Aug 5, 2005
    North Carolina
    Guys, we all know that USA Soccer would have a helluva lot more
    success if it fielded an all-White team. But the media (Marxist
    bastards that they are) demand that the national team "look like
    America," i.e. "look like South Los Angeles." Affirmative action
    in industry has made the average American worker less productive that
    the Portuguese, and affirmative action on the athletic field has ruined
    our national teams (USA Basketball, anyone?). Witness the media's
    fascination with Cobi Jones, who - as far as I can tell - has never
    changed the course of any game, anywhere. But he's a mulatto, and
    just having him out there is important!

    I have noted before that the MLS has completely failed to appeal to the
    average American fan because the rosters are filled with variously-hued
    third-worlders. As long as the same people remain in control, you
    can expect more of the same
  5. Jimmy Chitwood

    Jimmy Chitwood Hall of Famer

    Aug 10, 2005
    our team is already having a ton of success! and often the team on the pitch is already snow white, but we have to be careful and not do what the other side is doing...discarding talented individuals because of their skin color. while most of our impact players ARE white guys, there is one black guy who has helped us a ton. his name is oguchi onyewu. he is a tough, physical defender and is a tremendous asset to our team. however, the media has never singled him out for praise to my knowledge.

    instead they reserve the hype for yet to be fulfilled talent in freddy adu, the least talented of our goalkeepers in tim howard, the fast buttiny damarcus beasley, and of course the aforementioned eddie johnson. of the three, beasley is hands down the best, and i have no problem with him. he's a gutsy, tough little player. but so are another half-dozen white guys who've never made it into SI. go figure.

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