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Discussion in 'College Basketball' started by Jimmy Chitwood, Nov 15, 2019.

  1. Jimmy Chitwood

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    Aug 10, 2005
    we don’t talk much about the women’s game, but i wanted to start a thread on this talented athlete from Northwest Arkansas. she has committed to play for Oregon State.

    i have had the opportunity to see her play several times, and she’s a game-changer: long, athletic, can guard multiple positions as well as play any perimeter spot. what first caught my eye, though, is when i saw her play as a seventh-grader.

    she was on a team with four already-super-hyped (black) girls, the daughters of former Arkansas Razorbacks (she plays for the Fayetteville school district, the home city of the University of Arkansas). she was not only the lone gym rat on the team and the only non-hyped-to-the-moon-already player, she was the most dominant force on the floor. it was incredible to behold, and i’ve watched a LOT of basketball.

    at any rate, she is now a consensus 5-star player nationally in the class of 2020 and has probably been the best overall player (make or female) in Arkansas since the end of her freshman year (when she won the State Tourney MVP).

    hopefully, she has a brilliant career moving forward, because she’s sure been fun to watch so far. the video below is from her sophomore year, when she really exploded nationwide.

  2. Bucky

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    Jul 20, 2018
    Thanks for the heads up JC! She looks like a promising athlete. Looking forward to seeing her play at Oregon.

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