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    Jul 7, 2005
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    Bad News
    The Head of the Russian track and field athletics federation is pushing to follow the French and British blueprint for success by importing black athletes and handing out passports to anyone with a half decent record

    He says "we’re currently doing almost nothing to bring young black talents into our squad to help us stay at a leading position "
    Story here

    It pretty much removes the point of nation states competing against each other
  2. harold

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    Jun 7, 2012

    disgusting ,vile and weak individual and embarressment to his people and country .
    did he even watch these champianships .
    yes disgusting in terms of recent immigrant medals in events but mediocrity to the fore.
    from spain to italy to germany to oh my god certain middle eastern country .

    AND importantly that in many events eastern european and russian athletes lead the way .
    and have history and world class standard, knowledge and coaches to go with
    and without them track would really be unwatchable.

    these so-called great teams of france and britain are largely again mediocre .
    yes britain had best champs in along time but only because europeans and less competition .
    dont believe the hipe as usual when comes to such athletes .

    taking advantage of many factors within society and athletics as a whole .
    track and field participartion in europe at all time low amongst native population and filling the void .
    why does this void need to be filled ,to sell out ones people and nation .
    just dont participart if no interest and standard not there.
    or find the athletes ,encourage them like old ussr . no short-cuts .long term plans from young age and infrastucture taken up by them not non-nationals.
    just pandering to the never ending egos and parasitic nature of blacks .

    ALSO must factor in doping when comes to such athletes , as any way to
    gain advantage will be taken and britain and france two countries in europe
    where track system is good and have massive doping culture.

    read 14 of the 23 medals in european champs for britain were basical not british .
    beautiful athletes like rutherford ,gemilli ,martin rooney leading way.

    take away 100m fanny and mo farah and maybe 2nd in hurdles
    then rest are women ,mediocre or relay ,who cares.
    similarly in france with lemaitre , renaud levillienie or bosse who i know never medaled .
    again bar high hurdler and triple jumper( which aided by special supplements ) and arab distance guy who dont mind( but doper again)
    the rest make up numbers and women .

    bar triple jumper for russia ,
    who is okay and dont mind him .
    that is all russia has to date.
    and barely beat true russian in same event .(is hardly something to be screaming about)
    he got lucky at indoor champs largely due to
    lack of standard in triple jump .
    the one event that has really dried up in europe which tragic.
    and as a whole the standard has dropped in world .

    dont believe the hype .
    and simply put bar afew cases dont have immigrant population form certain countries
    to take the place
    and can easily find similar and much better athletes amongst our own gentry .
    and must factor in doping when certain athletes become world class.
  3. harold

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    Jun 7, 2012
    i hope just saying exactly what cronnies want to hear .

    maybe afew middle distance runners who spend a year in country and
    then compete for them , like turkey . might happen
    afew cases but if went any further and in other events ,only insane to want to sellout own athletes.

    especially without that type of people within country as an excuse
    which not as again any strong sain identifiable people would never let
    such thing happen in any scale bar few cases that can tolerate and ignore .
    then a sad reflection on putin and a dying mother russia .

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