Russia banned from 2018 Olympics

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    "Citing “systematic manipulation” of anti-doping rules, the International Olympic Committee announced Tuesday it has banned Russia from the 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang. An 14-person panel had been mulling a confidential IOC report that detailed Russia’s official doping program during the 2014 Sochi Olympics, and the extensive cover-up.

    As a result of this ban, no Russian officials will be allowed to attend the games. Their flag will be excluded from any display, and if any “clean” Russian athletes are given permission to attend, they won’t be competing under the Russian flag. They’ll compete under the name “Olympic Athlete from Russia” (OAR) and the Olympic flag, any medals they win won’t be credited to Russia and the Olympic anthem will be played in any ceremony."

    While it's probably deserved I'm sure all countries drug their athletes and hide it. What I think is going to come of this is Russia is going to start turning out the other countries. No doubt this is a US led attack on Russia for having the nerve not to give in to modern sewer culture, but what I think people don't understand is that Russians are used to fighting. This is only going to make them angry and if the end result is the US and Jamaica and other cheaters are exposed then it was worth it.
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    There is no way in hell that Russian athletes are doping more than U.S. negro athletes who grow up pouring illegal drugs on their fruity pebbles? or Jamaican athletes who - well are from Jamaica. This is 100% political. Russia being the last White country that defies the Jewish Multi-Cult feminist globalist agenda. Russia is the closest thing to a white nationalist country that exists. As such the usual suspects are busy trying to destroy in any way.

    Why isn't it public information who has been tested, when, and how many times? So we can catch Maria Sharapova, the ideal feminine long lean physique, using a banned substance (the substance was barely performance enhancing and only banned because it was used mostly in Russia) while Serena Williams must have passed all of her tests? Yeah whatever. Is there any proof that Serena even got tested? I can only find one surprise test which she refused to take with no penalty.
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    How dare anyone think Ray Lewis Jr. should ever be tested!! ;-)
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    “They’re just big boned”

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