RIP Ivan Koloff & George Steel

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    Last week was a sad one in the world of professional wrestling with the deaths of legends "The Russian Bear" Ivan Koloff (Oreal Perras) at 74 & George "The Animal" Steel (Jim Meyers) at 79. :-(

    Perras (aka "Koloff") was was of 10 siblings raised on a dairy farm in Ottawa Canada. He wrestled from 1961 to 1994 & held the WWWF HW title in 1971. I recall watching "Uncle Ivan" & his (kayfabe) 'nephew' Nikita Koloff wrestle for Jim Crockett Promotions (..& watching Ivan on Georgia Championship Wrestling in the late 70s). Perrault became a Christian & minister after retiring. He was highly regarded by his peers & fans alike.

    Jim Meyers ("George Steel") was an all state athlete in Michigan starring in track, basketball, football & baseball. He went on the play football at Michigan State. Meyers wrestled from 1967 to 1988. He gained most of his fame as the bald headed, green tongued, turnbuckle pad eating George the Animal Steel in the WWF. In addition to being a pro wrestler, Meyers was a HS wrestling & football coach (inducted into the Michigan coaches HoF). Like Perras, Meyers was a professing Christian. May he Rest In Peace.

    RIP Ivan Koloff

    RIP George Steel

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