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    After last night's win and his season long performance, which includes a league leading 19 wins and the front runner for the AL Cy Young award, I thought I would start a thread on Rick Porcello.

    Porcello, 19-3 on the year has been a little under the radar for his career. With the exception of last season, 9-15 and the 2010 season in which he was only 21, 10-12, Porcello has been a consistent winner in the MLB to the tune of 104 wins in his age 27 season. Porcello is only the 4th active pitcher with 100 wins before age 28.

    On a side note: Madison Bumgarner, age 26 season and 99 wins, should join him sometime this season.

    I have moved Porcello on the very short list of current pitchers with a shot at 300 wins. My list includes:

    Clayton Kershaw, 11-2. Age 28 season 125 wins. He should be back Friday after an injury.
    Rick Porcello, 19-3. Age 27 season 104 wins.
    Madison Bumgarner, 14-8. Age 26 season 99 wins. Bumgarner with a win yesterday over the Cubs moved ahead of Kershaw's pace. Kershaw had 98 wins at the end of his age 26 season.

    Hopefully, one if not all of these three pitchers will stay healthy and become another 300 game winner!
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