Rex Burkhead!

Discussion in 'College Football Stars' started by trackster, Sep 11, 2010.

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    i love his new avatar. militant pussy for the win!
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    Yeah, it even tops Jaxvid's hellufunny "that's raciss" avatar he had a while back.
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    LOL. Ground n' pound kitty! :boxing:
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    looking up Rex Burkhead on nfldraftscout, another discrepancy in their time listed and what has been put out by Rex is listed as running a 4.65 at the COMBINE, not his pro day, when said it was 4.73. Now there are numerous people timing the event. We all know how Gerhart's official time never came out, he should have been on the top performers with his 4.53 or 4.55, but it was never put up and people assumed he ran a 4.6 or lower, but it simply wasn't true. The other one this year is Ryan Swope, who is listed as running a 4.28.

    and how did Burkhead's pro day time go from a low 4.5 to a 4.6something?

    If fans had any sense they would realize that 40 yard time isn't as important as the shuttle and 3 cone drill. If you look at the "slower" players that have had success, they have good shuttle and 3 cone times. I would say 4.3 or lower is good for shuttle times, Rex ran a 4.09. Meanwhile a guy like Mark Ingram ran a 4.62 shuttle, and you can see it when he plays, he is stiff and rarely makes a cut, his shuttle time is exactly the same as his 40 time, but then you have a guy like Stevan Ridley who isn't the greatest (of course I am biased because he played over a much more impressive Woodhead) but has had success, ran the shuttle in the 4.2 range. Gerhart also ran the shuttle in the 4.2 range and had a faster 40 yard dash and you can see the success he has had when given a chance. Hillis also ran the shuttle in the 4.2 range and know what he is capable of healthy and used properly (not the same inside zone play over and over where the guards get pushed back like last year).

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