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    Since this league began, it seems like the rosters were over 90% black. Perhaps it's because most white guys cut from NBA teams tend to go overseas and play in Europe rather than stick in the D-League?

    It appears, however, that this is starting to change, as white players are no longer an extreme rarity in the D-League?

    Anyhow, I noticed there is a team called the Reno Bighorns and in the very early part of this season white's have dominated for them.

    Canadian point guard Brady Heslip, who played at Baylor, has scored 40 & 38 points in his first two pro regular season games. After doing a net search for Heslip, saw he had a great pre-season with the Timberwolves. But with jack-@ss Flip Saunders suddenly running the show, there was no room for Brady. No surprise. But if he keeps up his amazing play, there is a good chance he could be signed by an NBA team this season. How about Toronto, a team once coached by his uncle and former Canadian national team coach Jay Triano?

    David Stockton, son of Utah Jazz legend, also starts at guard for the Reno club and he's scored 22 & 17 points in his first two games. I'd fully expect Heslip to get more chances in the NBA, not sure Stockton is considered a serious NBA prospect, but hopefully he will change that perception in the D-League?

    Joonas Caven, a 21 year old center from Finland starts at center for the Bighorns. Not sure how this works, but I believe he has not declared for the draft and is still eligible to be selected by an NBA team. Of course that will largely depend on how he fares in Reno this season.

    David Wear, former North Carolina and UCLA forward, who's twin brother Travis made the Knicks as an undrafted free agent, is also on this team. Not sure if he starts or not, but he had 23 points in the teams most recent game. Wear was one of the final cuts of the Sacramento Kings last month.

    The aforementioned whites scored 71 of Reno's 127 points in their last game.

    Here's video hi-lights of their last game:
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    Nice hilites. Thanks for posting the video. They look like a very gun team to watch!

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