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    well, turns out he chose the settlement from Jaguars instead of going on IR (so he can get trated in a better clinic instead of team facilities) after tearing a ligament.

    here's a full story

    For Kyle Bell, it is back to square one.

    On the cusp of entering his first NFL training camp as a rookie free agent with the Jacksonville Jaguars, Bell tore the anterior cruciate ligament in his right knee earlier this summer, the same injury he suffered before the start of his junior season in 2006 at Colorado State University.

    Bell, a former Weld Central High School standout, injured the knee in the second-to-last practice of organized team activities for the summer. He was later cut by the team after reaching an injury settlement with the organization.

    "It was just kind of a routine thing,"Â￾ Bell said. "The foot got caught, and it just sort of went out."Â￾

    The good news is that Bell is having his knee worked on at the renowned Steadman-Hawkins clinic in Vail, under the direction of noted surgeon Dr. Richard Steadman.

    The Steadman-Hawkins Clinic has treated a variety of pro athletes, including former NFL legends like Denver Broncos quarterback John Elway, Kansas City Chiefs running back Priest Holmes and Pittsburgh Steelers safety Rod Woodson.

    It is the main reason Bell chose to take the settlement from the Jaguars instead of possibly going on injured reserve for a year and being treated by the team.

    "To be able to do my rehab there (in Vail) seems most beneficial. That way I can be there with their therapists and get the best attention and set myself up for the best chance of return,"Â￾ Bell said.

    The bad news is that Bell is looking at being out for all of 2009. First, he had to have surgery for a microfracture in his knee, the aftermath of damage after his surgery in 2006 to repair the first ACL tear. He will be on crutches for another month before having the surgery for the second ACL tear. That will be followed by several more weeks on crutches and then rehab on the knee. He hopes to get back on the field by next summer.

    It was clearly a major setback for Bell, who felt he had made great strides with the Jaguars and was ready to show what he could do in training camp.

    "I really felt I was grasping the NFL system and putting myself in a position to hopefully have a good camp,"Â￾ Bell said. "So all that work that kind of led up to there that was kind of all for naught."Â￾

    Still, Bell is confident he can recover and take another shot at the NFL. He still believes he can play at the professional level and can handle the adversity of his injury if another team will give him a shot.

    "I think the biggest challenge is going to be the NFL teams having the confidence to bring me in and the uncertainty of whether the knee is going to be good or not, this being my second injury,"Â￾ Bell said. "I think that is going to be the biggest hurdle is getting a team to have that confidence in me. I know I am going to be at that level and ready to play."Â￾

    If he doesn't make it, he is ready to move on.

    "I am going to do everything I can to come back and if it ever looks like I am not going to, then that is when I will fully pursue other options,"Â￾ Bell said.

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