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Discussion in 'Los Angeles Chargers' started by Gi-15, Apr 30, 2008.

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    Now that he is an NFL player, I think Jacob deserve his spot in the NFL forum.

    Am I the only person who noticed that on every draft ranking 5th rounder Marcus Thomas is called the guy who will replace Michael Turner? Here's an exemple

    those are dynasty ranking on rotoworld.com:

    13. Tashard Choice, Cowboys
    14. Marcus Thomas, Chargers
    15. Tim Hightower, Cardinals
    16. Chauncey Washington, Jaguars
    17. Thomas Brown, Falcons
    18. Jacob Hester, Chargers
    19. Jerome Felton, Lions

    Thomas is an interesting flier as the next Michael Turner.

    I mean, what? Thomas has only ONE year of production in C-USA!! and its not that good, about 1,100 yards, like Jacob, but Jacob got his yards in the SEC. Also, Thomas is slower than Hester, running 4.6some at the combine, while Jacob put a 4.6 flat. Also, on the charger website, thomas was the one mentioned as " possibly going to take snaps at fullback"
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    Good research GI, this Gregg Rosenthal guy is an idiot. He also has Mike Hart ranked as his 12th RB. How is he that high? Hart's undersized at 5'9 202 lbs. compared to Hester and only ran a 4.67 40 yard dash compared to Hester's 4.6 flat. I thought it was speed that these black worshiping analysts covet. Hart also only put up 4.9 YPC and 5.1 YPC the last two years with a lead blocking FB and Jake Long as his left tackle=not all that impressive. When I rank players I actually compare numbers, measurables and highlights unlike these white loathing "scouts."

    Funny how I've seen on at least a few websites things written about how Hart is a guy you gotta love b/c he's an undersized underdog w/ below average tools. These scouts are enough to make you puke with their fawning over the black athlete. I highly doubt they said the same things about Brock Forsey, who was undersized and ran a 4.6, but put up a much better YPC and overall stats than Hart for Boise State! I've also heard very little love for the undersized Woodhead.

    Mike Hart stats for Michigan:
    2006 318-1562-4.9-54-14TD
    2007 265-1361-5.1-61-14TD

    Marcus Thomas stats for UTEP:
    2006 156-513-3.3-33-5TD
    2007 227-1166-5.1-59-16TD

    Jacob Hester stats for LSU:
    2006 94-440-4.7-28-6TD
    2007 225-1103-4.9-87-12TD

    And look at Thomas's pathetic yards per carry in 2006! And in 2007 he barely beat Hester's 4.9 YPC even though this guy probably got a lead blocker blocking for him most of the time rather than a single set back backfield where Hester got most of his yards. And your point about Hester putting up his numbers against the superior defenses to Thomas is correct!

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