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    I thought gods chosen people had more pull than this.... [​IMG] But then again it's the Jets.. [​IMG] Here is the wire story...Jets contact NFL about schedule
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    ESPN.com news services
    Jets Contact NFL About Schedule
    The Jets first two home games conflict with the two holiest holidays on the Jewish calendarTags: NFL, New York Jets
    Jets Contact NFL About Schedule

    The New York Jets' first two home games are against two of the AFC's elite teams -- the New England Patriots and Tennessee Titans. A large segment of the team's fans might not be able to attend the heavyweight matchups, however.

    The Jets' home opener against the Patriots is scheduled during Rosh Hashanah. The next week, the Jets host the Titans hours before Yom Kippur starts. The conflict with the two holiest holidays on the Jewish calendar may keep the team's Jewish fans who observe the holidays from attending.

    Rex Ryan says his goal for 2009 is not just to win, but to win big.
    New York boasts the country's largest Jewish population.

    On Wednesday, the Jets called the NFL to complain about the scheduling conflict, according to the New York Daily News.

    Howard Katz, who oversees the creation of the NFL schedule, took full responsibility for the oversight.

    "The Jets are hearing from their fans," Katz, the NFL's senior VP of broadcasting, told the newspaper. "There was miscommunication between the Jets and the NFL office, for which I take full responsibility. All we can continue to do is look and see if there is a solution to this."

    The Giants requested they play on the road on the two holidays. The Jets did the same, but the message didn't get through to the league office, Katz told the newspaper.

    Rosh Hashanah, which is the Jewish New Year, is observed in 2009 from sundown Sept. 18 (Friday) until sundown on Sept. 20 (Sunday). The Jets play the Patriots at 1 p.m. ET on Sept. 20.

    Yom Kippur, which is the Jewish day of atonement, begins at sundown on Sept. 27. The Jets host the Titans at 4:15 p.m. ET on Sunday, Sept. 27.

    Due to construction of the new stadium for both the Giants and Jets, the NFL can't schedule any Monday or Thursday night home games for the teams, according to the newspaper. So moving the Jets' games from Sunday on the two holidays isn't an option.Edited by: white is right
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    So let me understand, jews who make up a few percent of the population and have large groups that don't go to games are going to cut into NY sports teams revenue? Ridiculous! Maybe it's a problem for the 90% of the reporters, owners and announcers that are jewish but the fan base is 99% DWF. Jew holidays are just another day on the calendar for them. And what is the big deal about Sunday? I thought Saturday was their sabbath. Another whine from the tribe that never stops bitching.
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    Poor babies!

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