On Lesnar, Bobby Lashley, Kenny Florian, GSP

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    Here is my humble opinion on these two MMA individuals:

    Brock Lesnar 'gets it'. He understands the sport he is in, and he understands what his strengths are and what it takes for him to win within the sport:

    He has the rare trait of cold blooded fury. What am I talking about? Why is this rare?

    Well, he posesses the knowledge of, the ability, and most importantly the DESIRE to seriously damage his opponent within the rules of the UFC. He practices what not many of the athletes do: the MMA Two Minute Drill.

    This MMA Two Minute Drill occurs when the athlete attempts to destroy his opponent when his opponent is in a dangerous situation-- with NO regard for energy expenditure.

    The goal is to destroy the opponent, OR have the referee stop the fight. It is total commitment-- it expends energy that cannot be replenished.

    Brock's Two Minute Drill--When Brock Lesnar grounds and pounds, and his opponent is in a comprimising position, he attempts to destroy and/or have the referee stop the fight due to the flurry of punches etc thrown. Take a look at all of Lesnar's fights-- he FURIOUSLY pounds away while on the ground. The punches are not particularly strong-- they are just coming at an incredible speed. The 'secret' is that you have a referee who sees this massive freak pounding on his opponent with a flurry of punches. He has no choice but to stop the fight! This is an excellent strategy.

    Kenny Florian practices the Two Minute Drill as well. In addition, he is an unusually mean spirited individual. One would think that with the hyperbole of the MMA sport, everyone is a bad dude etc etc. They are all tough guys etc etc.

    Kenny Florian is badder than the guy you think is the baddest.

    Ken Flo was a 'going to be' journeyman MMA athlete. He had modest athletic ability, but he lacked the coaching focus to assist him to reach his highest potential. He changed his coaches after his TV appearance.

    With KenFlo's modeest abilities he more than compensated with a fanatic work ethic, and, as I said above, an unusually high desire to damage his opponent. He trained so intelligently and hard that his modest athletic abilities were not so modest anymore-- he now has world class endurance at his advanced age.

    He found that one of his strengths was the unholy marriage of his endurance, his elbows, and his desire to cut the hell out of his opponents.

    When his opponent is in a comprimising position, he attempts to open his own blood bank with the first unwilling donor being his opponent.

    Ken Flo will cut, cut, cut BJ Penn.

    GSP is the rarest of the rare-- a supreme athlete who loves to damage his opponent AND practices the Two Minute Drill.

    Not much needs to be said about this individual-- just watch his second fight against Matt Serra to watch his unrelenting and horribly brutal domination. I suspect that Serra has blood in his stool and urine for a week after that fight. One of the most brutal fights ever.

    Here is a 'secret'-- it is more damaging to a loser's psyche to get beaten to the body instead of the head. When you lose via KO, you are not really aware of the damage you are taking. When you lose from getting your torso pulverized like GSP did, you are 100% aware of your pain. (Ever watch an MMA guy quit due to leg kicks?)

    Now this brings me to Bobby Lashley. Ahhhh, Bobby Lashley. You fought Clay Guida's older, overweight MMA brother Jason. He JUST missed tapping you out via guilotine choke. JUST. In the Guida fight, you demonstrated a PEDESTRIAN DESIRE to damage your opponent. You placed yourself in comprimising situations. God bless 'im, but Jason Guida is not a world class heavyweight. That is putting it mildly.

    What should you have done? You should have DESTROYED him. I can name double digit rookie guys who would have loved to have fought him due to the highlight reel they would have generated.

    Flash back a few years-- how do you think a Brock Lesnar vs. Jason Guida fight would have looked?

    Bobby, not only are you not in the class of Brock Lesnar, you are not in the UFC class.

    Not many fighters want to actually damage their opponents, and not many do the Two Minute Drill at all.

    For instance, Yushin Okami is a talented athlete who has zero desire to really damage his opponent. No Two Minute Drill whatsoever. He is probably the most extreme example.
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    KenFlo has solid MTKB & very good BJJ. He's one of my favorite LWs (with Guida, Sherk & Fisher). I love those sharp elbows!

    Brock is a vicious beast with tons of upside & I'd say GSP is the #2 P4P fighter in the world right now (behind Fedor & before Machida). [​IMG]
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    Good post, Ibanez. I see Florian beating BJ in August.

    Clay Guida's brother seems like a tough guy at the local bar. He couldn't make weight for one season of TUF and was bounced in the first episode.
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    LL, Jason Guida lost (by decision) to Lashley in March.Interesting take from Sherdog on Lashley (looks like he may not get the big caste push)...

    "Watching two NCAA-accredited animals butt heads is a perfectly fine premise for a UFC title bout, but Lashley has to be getting the vibe that his past may come back to haunt him. Dana White has been queried often about bringing Lashley in: The responses have been noncommittal at best, insulting ("Who?"Â￾) at worst. The idea that two former WWE headliners would be occupying the same real estate is perhaps too gratifying a concept for Vince McMahon -- and too horrifying for White -- to bear.

    There is also the plain issue that Lashley is not necessarily Lesnar's equal. Against underwhelming opposition Jason Guida, he had to be satisfied with a decision win. Lashley is bullish and compact -- even at 6'2"Â￾ -- where Lesnar can use some abnormally long arms to punch like a drill press without getting tied up. Twenty years on, I suspect it will be Lesnar who will have had the more accomplished career.

    Lashley also confirmed he‘s signed a deal with TNA Wrestling to work four dates a month. To my knowledge, it's the first time an active, high-profile prizefighter has taken on a recurring role in wrestling in the states while still pursuing a fight career. We'll see if that's in anyone's best interests."

    No "Caste" Push for Lashley?

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