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    Mar 16, 2013
    Small wonder nobody jumped at the chance to write up Oklahoma which is the equivalent of ditch digging. Barf bags are available to help you through this journey.

    Since 2006 Oklahoma starting white numbers are as follows: 3,5,6,7,5,6,4,3,3,3,5. 4 last season and a whopping 3 this season. If that doesn't wet your appetite nothing will.

    Below are the white starters:


    LG: Ben Powers

    RG: Dru Samia

    TE: Grant Calcaterra


    Other notable players include C Creed Humphrey, FB Carson Meier, QB Austin Kendell, LB Levi Draper and WR Drake Stoops.

    A few notes. Stoops is the son of their former coach and has already seen a little bit of action as a slot in their first game which was a blow out. Levi Draper is an athletic MLB that may emerge but likely down the road if then.

    Calcaterra is a talented TE but what are the odds he flourishes with running QB Kyler Murray? Murray is someone the media has already been drooling over.

    This is a caste team down the line and then some. The only fly in that ointment is Stoops as a back up WR.
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    Oct 12, 2008
    To my recollection, Bob Stoops never had a White wide receiver in 17 years as Oklahoma’s head coach. It’s sickening hypocrisy that his son is allowed to play wide receiver for the Sooners. Bob Stoops should be ashamed. He should have told his son that he was an inferior athlete and has no business playing a black man’s position. Otherwise, his position on the team is nothing but favoritism and nepotism.

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