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Discussion in 'College Basketball' started by whiteCB, Mar 15, 2011.

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    Here's a young true freshman with a bright future and although he's technically not a starter Craft is off the bench within 3 minutes into the game. He's tenacious at the defensive end and reminds me a lot of Kirk Hinrich. He was a all state QB in high school and was almost a Tennessee Volunteer before the Bruce Pearl NCAA infraction. Expect to see this young man a lot on television here in the next month. He's averaging 30 minutes a ball game, 2 steals, almost 5 assists and 7.6 ppg.

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    After the win over George Mason, where he just tore apart a team of fringe NBA players; Coupled with the fact that he is still a true freshman. I have come to believe that Craft will be a superstar in the NBA and throughout the rest of his college career.

    In case you did not know Craft in 34 min went 2-3 from the floor 2-2 from the line for a total of 6 points. He did not attempt a three, although he can hit it as his percentages indicate his range is not quite at that level where it is automatic, he is not a volume shooter he is a very very efficient scorer.

    What he also dose is effect every aspect of the game. He pulled down 6 rebounds 3 of them offensive that led to 3 field goals, and he handed out all 3 of those assists. To go along with 12 more for a game high total of 15 assists with only 2 turnovers.

    Remember this is in Ohio St.'s ball control offense with a 34 second shot clock, their game is to control the ball and kill clock they don't press tempo. He did all of this while shutting down Cam Long, who leads George Mason in scoring.

    <center>Craft is averaging</center>

    <center>29 Min. 7.1 Points 2.8 Rebounds 4.9 Assists 1.9 Steals. While shooting 47% from the field, 73% from the strip, and 39% from 3. He averages 1.9 Points Per Shot like I said earlier very very efficient .He also boasts an assist to turnover ratio of 2.24 for the season but in the last month (Conference Tournament/NCAA Tournament)his A/TO ratio is 4.8</center>

    That is a mind boggling number. Add to that the fact that even DWF's are giving him his dues I think we are going to be seeing him as an All-American candidate over the next two to three years. And if he continues to improve and stays healthy, he will be a lock for a Top 10 pick. I know that a lot of you don't think he will be taken that high. But mark my words the kid is going to break barriers for white guards in College ball and in the NBA.

    <center>Big Ten Sixth Man of the Year, All-Big Ten Freshman Team, All-Big Ten Defensive Team</center>

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