Non-white footballers you admire

Discussion in 'Soccer' started by Giles Daldanus, Sep 24, 2011.

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    Jul 6, 2011
    L'Equipe is reporting that PSG is very interested in Luis Suarez. Yesterday Diego Lugano spoke up for Suarez. In addition to being the Uruguayan captain Lugano is, of course, playing for PSG.
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    Aug 14, 2011
    Paolo Guerrero (Amerindian/indigenous?) won the bronze ball and scored the deciding goal against Chelsea in the FIFA Club World Cup final. I think that Frederic follows his performances from time to time. It’s nice to see that the Peruvian seems to have put his discipline issues behind him.

    White Brazilian goalkeeper Cassio Ramos (who used to play for PSV Eindhoven in the Netherlands) was awarded the golden ball (best player award) for the tournament. He was absolutely brilliant during the final and I felt sorry for Chelsea, as due to his presence in goal they were simply unable to put the ball in the net despite creating plenty of chances. It would have been nice if the game had been settled in overtime, but the Brazilians deserved their accolades.


    Corinthians Paulista's win was wildly celebrated on the streets of Brazil; between 2006 and 2011 the European clubs always managed to prevail against their South American opponents, so it’s an end to the European sides’ winning streak.

    Still, I think that Chelsea will bounce back and should be able to compete for the title…it’s good to see Marko Marin getting more playing time now that Benitez is the coach. Btw, I would say that Rafael Benitez is well-disposed towards white players and is unlikely to overestimate the importance of physicality. He is a strict tactician and generally demands that his players rigorously follow a certain game plan. Positional discipline is of the essence to him and zonal rather than man-to-man marking is his cup of tea. One could argue that he likes to restrict the freedom of action of star players and this stifles creativity, but highly accomplished footballers like Gerrard seem to respond well to him. Benitez brought Lucas Leiva to Liverpool FC and has always been supportive of the young Brazilian. It has to be mentioned that quite a few supporters were lukewarm in their reception of Leiva during his first two years with the club. Some fans were also annoyed that Dirk Kuyt was a starter in virtually every game during Benitez’s reign at the club, but the blonde Dutchman not only has an amazing work rate and wonderful attitude, but has also delivered the goods by consistently netting in the “big games”. However, it has to be said that relatively few British players established themselves as part of Liverpool’s starting line-up during Benitez’s tenure as coach (there was the failed attempt to purchase Gareth Barry from Aston Villa and I also never understood why Robbie Keane was shipped out so quickly and never given a chance to show his worth).
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    yes, he's one of my favourites players right now
    he has black blood, probably 20%
    and the rest might be mainly amerindian
    he can do everything, kind of like ibrahimowicz, he can score goals like a true goal scorer, but also create goalscoring oportunities
    i think that bundesliga wasn't the right league for him
    i have no idea why pretty much all the peruvians who play abroad go to the bundesliga and not to spain

    since it's the appropriated thread, here's a video of his club world cup:


    for me he's the best south american player
    i already mentionned him in this thread
    i think that he's better than falcao, who gets a lot of praise

    what amazed me about kuyt was his heading ability, he was not that tall but i have not seen many player this good in this department
    he's in turkey now
    that's why i kind of like the turkish league, they buy that kind of players
    a greek club, for example olympiakos, should have bought him
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    I was a huge supporter of Algeria in 2014 and their World Cup run is the best I've ever seen from any African side. Of course the Algerian team featured almost all Arabs, many of whom looked Whitish. I think there were only 3 blacks on the team out of 23 playera. They were knocked out by eventual winners Germany in extra time and nearly won the match.Islam Slimani was fantastic in that World Cup and he is an amazing striker deadly with headers. He just scored a hat trick with Sporting in Portugal.I can appreciate Arab, Middle Eastern, South American and Asian players. But I don't think I could ever support a black squad.Some particular players I like include: Slimani, Feghouli, Calhanoglu, Ozil, Suarez, Mahrez, Coutinho, Aguero.Personally I would say a lot of those guys (Ozil, Suarez, Calhanoglu) are white anyway and the others are Whitish.

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