Nick Kyrgios - the future of Australian tennis

Discussion in 'Tennis' started by Matra2, Aug 13, 2015.

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    The half Greek, half Malaysian Nick Kyrgios of Australia has been touted for some time now as the future of Australian tennis and a potential grand slam winner. The 20 year old has had some big victories but he's quickly developing a reputation as the bad boy of tennis. At Wimbledon this year he yelled an obscenity on court, argued repeatedly with an umpire, threw his racket 10ft into the air, and in the view of many deliberately tanked a match - at Wimbledon of all places.

    But now he's done something to upset another player...and it is below the belt. During a match with Stan Wawrinka he said to the Swiss "Kokkinakis banged your girlfriend. Sorry to tell you that mate". Kokkinakis is another player. Wawrinka's girlfriend, Croatian player Donna Vekic, has been Kokkinakis' mixed doubles partner.

    Wawrinka confronted him in the locker room about it then spoke to the media accusing Kyrgios of stooping low and of mistreating everyone, including the ball kids. Wawrinka also called on the ATP to punish him or risk the sport losing its civility.

    Kyrgios is not only important because of his potential but also because he's a poster boy for the new multicultural Australia. (I can't imagine Rod Laver behaving like Kyrgios, though its cricketers are another matter). The British media in particular (possibly with an eye on their sporting rivalry with 'old' Australians) emphasise Australia relying on its new multicultural denizens for its tennis talent.

    Not your grandfather's Australia

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    Never heard of the guy since I don't follow tennis. Reading this article today, I see that after drawing criticism for that aforementioned Wimbledon performance, he called the female critic a "blatant racist." So, he's got another part of the playbook down pat.

    The "trash talk" fuss seems silly, since it's ultimately harmless and possibly true. Wawrinka is no saint, leaving his wife and mother of his child for the teenaged fair maiden in question. That said, I understand that it has no place in tennis, a sport that still maintains complete silence during points and whose television crews pick up all sorts of mutterings.

    The incident part of a larger trend where multicultural athletes lower or completely usurp decency standards in previously white-dominated sports. Tiger Woods' rudeness is infamous. Yasiel Puig insists on flipping his bat to disrespect opposing pitchers. The NBA had to revamp its dress code so that non-participating players would stop wearing gang colors on the bench during games. The NFL stopped tolerating excessive touchdown celebrations. Always, these things get framed with the question "is it racist?" because the offending parties are always non-white.
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    Kyrgios is the very worst kind of scum. Both he and that almost equally ugly, arrogant, trumped-up peasant prick Bernard Tomic lack any redeeming features. I literally grind my teeth whenever I hear these grubs referred to as "Australians".

    Just looking at Kyrgios's filthy, repulsive Asian-Greek mongrel snout fills me with volcanic hatred and generates a vibrantly inventive array of imprecations which wouldn't go down too well at my girlfriend's mother's book group meetings. He is easily the most despised sportsperson in Australia - which is quite a feat, considering the presence of establishment-backed race-baiting Abo Adam Goodes.

    Here is Kyrgios with his frog-faced Malay mother (his old man must obviously be some sort of pervert with a monster stash of Viagra) who - along with is brother - are busy concocting excuses for him:


    'Tis only a matter of time before this piece of excrement will begin playing the proverbial race card...
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    Kyrgios fined $16,500 for his behavior, verbal abuse and lack of effort in the Shanghai Masters. The Chinese audience wasn't very appreciative of his actions, either.

    Here's a quick YouTube clip of him and his shenanigans from a match in this tournament.

    He's such a disrespectful and loathsome punk. He's intentionally acting just the opposite of what a White player would act like and disrespecting a sport that was created by a White man that has made him rich. He's a personification of the entire current generation of the ungrateful, uncivilized, anti-White ethnic-ilk like him all around the globe.
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    Dec 19, 2004
    A lengthy suspension plus the fine would be appropriate.

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