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    The men play their finals in November and will feature the top eight players in a round robin type event.

    The women concluded their finals recently as Evina Svitolina defeated Sloane Stephens in the final.

    Svitolina is one of the better movers on the WTA tour and it was nice to see she won a pretty big event for once. She had really choked at the Grand Slam events. Hopefully she can use this victory as a spring board to even brighter things for 2019!

    Sadly the two finalists from this years exciting ( so much was on the line for both players) Australian Open Caroline Wozniacki and Simona Halep have encountered health issues.

    Wozniacki has been diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis. From what I know that can deteriorate into a serious problem over time but they say it shouldn't affect her for the time being?

    Halep, my pick for player of the year, has a disc problem which forced her out of the year end finals. Her future status is a bit muddy at this juncture. I think they are prescribing rest. Will she be at full speed in a couple of months for the Australian Open? I sure and hell hope so.

    Not tennis season per say but I figured these are important stories as we await next year which I tend to believe will go by without a Serena win at a Major for the second year in a row. The bad sport should continue to decline thus paving the way for new champions.

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