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    I agree good riddance to Golic. I suspect most here at CF don't watch or listen to the ESPN chat radio/TV shows and even I have gotten out of the habit. The sports pause washed ESPN chat shows out of my system. But sadly Golic getting canned will have no affect on their caste ways. In fact they have added both TV guys Mike Greenberg and Max Kellerman into afternoon radio slots and they are replacing Wingo and Golic with Keyshawn Johnson, Jason Williams and Zubin Mehenti. Trey Wingo. who I thought sputtered through this year's NFL draft, is currently in limbo as his fate has yet to be decided as far as I know.

    Golic, whose son will remain on a nightly radio show, is a curious test study. He became famous while teaming up with the noxious Mike Greenberg for the morning Mike and Mike show. Greenberg , probably the worst caste offender in ESPN history, is without doubt the ESPN point man in their chat show fest up. He hosts their main morning program and now has his own key afternoon radio spot. Giving this caste sucker their front page position only reinforces what we already know. ESPN has been the most prominent caste pusher in the sports industry.

    Back to Golic.He started off as a big Brutus type compliment to the mousy Greenberg and they were like some sort of Odd Couple. Golic didn't start out as a full grade caste hound. But over time he mutated. He lost weight and transformed himself into yet another white sports talk guy who heavily promoted caste think. He became a complete annoyance and hopefully he is off the sports grid for good.
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    That graph right there is illustrative of the core problems in black America (and increasingly white America) - namely the single-mother epidemic.

    Blacks overwhelmingly are unmarried and no father and consequently earn less, don’t educate themselves and commit far more crimes per capita.
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    I looked up the genesis of the cartoon character Yogi Bear. The name was clearly inspired by baseball player Yogi Berra, who was a catcher for the Yankees.

    Berra got the nickname Yogi from a friend when he was a teenager. They had seen a documentary on India at the movies and the friend noted that Berra looked like one of the yogis in the documentary. Hence the name Yogi.

    Berra was known for his malapropisms, some of which were quite humorous. For example he said "If the fans don't want to come, no one can stop them."

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