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    May 20, 2005
    From this site

    "Novel data about speed of decision making show that the racial differences in mental ability are pervasive. Cross-cultural investigations of reaction times have been done on nine- to twelve-year olds from six countries. In these elementary tasks, children must decide which of several lights is on, or stands out from others, and move a hand to press a button. All children can perform the tasks in less than one second, but more intelligent children, as measured by traditional IQ tests, perform the task faster than do less intelligent children. Richard Lynn found Oriental children from Hong Kong and Japan to be faster in decision time than white children from Britain and Ireland who were faster than black children from Africa. Arthur Jensen has reported the same three-way pattern in California."

    IOW, reaction times seems to track pretty well with IQ.

    So don't worry, whatever edge Asians have over Whites in this regard is small, especially if you're a high I.Q. White.
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    Oct 21, 2012
    This report explains why white men are better at playing quarterback than blacks. White men can think faster and make quicker decisions, both important things when playing quarterback.

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