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    10. Matt Jones, WR, Jaguars: Three years ago, Jones created a huge buzz in the days leading up to the draft. Chris Mortensen of ESPN sang Jones' praises, predicting he'd qualify for more Pro Bowls than pretty much any of the rest of the skill-position players taken in Round 1. But in his third year -- the one in which receivers are supposed to break out -- Jones had a career low in catches (24) and yards (317). Although he still has the physical tools to remain in the NFL for several more years, the reality is that Jones, by all appearances, doesn't care. And if he doesn't care, he should quit. There are too many guys with less natural ability, but loads more desire and heart.

    This is from an article about 10 players who should retire.Yeah i couldnt believe it either,after having players played in front of you who couldnt hold your jockstrap youd be pissed off to would you not?

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    Matt Jones is a prime example of the caste system at work (I think it was something Matt Jones related that first made me aware of it). Is he currently the most standout caste player in the NFL at the moment???

    We've all said it before but it takes no genious to work out that Matt Jones needs to get the hell out of Jacksonville as quick as possible!!! It's discrimination central!

    Also, it's funny how the article blames it on Matt Jones when in actual fact it's simply down to the fact that Matt isn't getting enough playing time, nor being thrown to enough. That's not in his hands that's up to Jack Del blacklover and the Jags crappy black QB's.Edited by: TheEnglishman
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    Well Gerard is not a bad game managing QB and he can throw some good accurate short and medium passes. However, Gerard seems to be buying the propaganda in Jacksonville that Matt Jones is a crappy receiver. No one seems to believe in the guy there, so how can MJ believe in himself.

    I mean Del Rio insinuatingly referred to MJ as that part of the female body that no athlete wants to be called. He also said MJ seems to have a non nonchalant attitude. How can you tell what a guy is thinking from his body language? He doesn't give up on routes the way Randy Moss does when he knows he ain't getting the ball.

    If I were MJ I would have demanded a trade after Jack Del Racist called him a puntang. So Jones has a couple drops in the last two years when he got hit hard or a hand on him and the ball and all the sudden he completely sucks. Then at the end of the playoff game against the Pats this year, which they were already going to lose, Jones dropped a very tough pass out the back of the end-zone. That is basically the icing on the cake for the drunken fans in Jacksonville to hate MJ more. [​IMG]

    Please Mr. Jones get the hell out of "Blacksonville" so Jack Del Racist can sin you no more!Edited by: ToughJ.Riggins

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