Maria Sharapova suspension

Discussion in 'Tennis' started by Shadowlight, Oct 6, 2016.

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    Mar 16, 2013
    The drop dead gorgeous( in my humble opinion) Maria just had her 2 year suspension reduced to 15 months. Gee thanks for nothing. Tennis, arguably the most difficult sport in the world, is not like riding a bike so being away for a 15 month sabbatical is going to be a real challenge to get back in form if and when she does return. But the real question here is the severity of the suspension? Each sport has their own drug policies and it is rather obvious that tennis has an extremely strict rule book ( probably the harshest in all of sports) when it comes to peds. I might add her so called "rule breaking drug" does not even qualify as a clear cut and dry case of cheating. Nevertheless tennis smacked her in the head with their rule book like some ornery Catholic School nun and said no dice sister off to Siberia you go.
    Oh the irony. One of the most beautiful and popular female athletes of our time gets sent to the gulag in a sport not associated with violence. Meanwhile back on the NFL ranch, "law breaking" players, mainly black (unless you are Tom Brady the "axe murderer") get a few games if that for you name it, domestic violence, extreme drug abuse, peds deluxe. And thanks to the ground breaking Colin Kaepernick and friends you can even give black racist power salutes and give the Anthem the finger. The end result of the latter: a swooning admiring media. Meanwhile some poor white MLB catcher twits a few thoughts and suddenly the guillotine is resurrected. We live in sick times indeed!

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