Marcos Maidana

Discussion in 'Boxing' started by Guest, Mar 28, 2010.

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    This guy has brutal KO power. He just KO'd the Black Dominican Victor Cayo last night and he is basically the guy that nobody wants to fight at 140 lbs, after he brutally pounded out Victor Ortiz who was hyped as being the next De La Hoya. Light Welterweight champions Amir Khan and Devon Alexander have both been accused of ducking this guy because of his one punch KO power and aggressive resilience (He got dropped a couple times by Ortiz, but kept coming forward to eventually finish him) His only loss was a controversial split to Andreas Kotelnik

    I pretty much consider Argentinians to be White because the vast majority of their populace is of European stock.Maidana looks White but calls himself el Chino (Chinese) for some reason. Anyone have info regarding his ancestry?
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    Yeah "El Chino" has incredible power for a 140 lber. I think he is mixure of Spanish, indegious indian and Chinese. If he keeps winning like this those you mentioned will be forced to fight him, at least for the money he will bring them amoung the latin fans.

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