Lifetime .412 OBP for White OFer = not good enough

Discussion in 'Baseball' started by knightedsoldier5000, Jul 21, 2017.

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    No one has probably ever heard of Mike O'Neill, a white OFer with unbelievable career BA and OBP stats in the Cardinals farm system.

    .311 BA / .412 OBP in 6 minor league seasons. Also had some speed with 19 SBs one year. But not good enough to get a cup of coffee in the majors. So he wasted his career hoping for a shot and then got released at age 27 after hitting .301 / .409 OBP. This is one the most egregious injustices in the caste system that just burns me up.

    Yet the Cardinals, absolutely desperate for a leadoff hitter, signed a highly overrated negro, Dexter Fowler, to a huge contract at $16.5 million / yr for 5 years for his "leadoff" capabilities. Fowler is currently hitting .242 / .329 OBP. If only they had a guy that put up a .400+ OBP on a regular basis that could lead off for them!

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