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Discussion in 'NBA' started by cxt7, Feb 5, 2005.

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    Oct 3, 2008
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    I read this a few minutes ago and was disgusted. Came here to post the article.

    This guy is a massive cuck. If you spend 16 years around dysfunctional, anti-social, criminal, vile, crass, thuggish blacks and somehow still blame “racist white america” for their problems then you are beyond saving. F this traitor.
  2. Bucky

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    Jul 20, 2018
    Wow. Korver virtue signaling! Somebody wants a job at ESPN after he retires. Self hating whites are the worst.
  3. Truthteller

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    Oct 19, 2009
    I refused to read the article after the first couple sentences. Question is why did he write this garbage at the age of 38, when his playing career is basically over?

    A) Is this overgrown Shabbos Goy some sort of Bozo O'Rourke type liberal, looking to move into Democrat, identity politics by self loathing and blatantly pandering to blacks, like Joe Biden?

    B) Is he looking to be a future Caste clown head coach or GM in the NBA and hoping to impress Comrade Adam Silver by shamelessly pandering to blacks at the very end of his playing career?

    C) Perhaps, as Bucky pointed out, he's angling to work at TNT or ESPN and looking to impress the Marxist slime that run those networks by pandering to blacks? TNT is run by CNN's bosses.

    D) Freethinker alluded to this? It's possible he's just a naturally born cuckster who can't help himself, because he's suffering from some bizarre NBA variation of the Stockholm Syndrome?

    As Leofan noted, no doubt he's faced a ton of anti-white violence during his career? Look at Ron Baker, who looked like he would have a long NBA career as a backup, at least. Last season a pair of cheap shots pretty much ended his career, after the Knicks rewarded him with a two-year, $9 million guaranteed contract. Right after making it as a undrafted free agent. First that butt-ugly, uni-brow thug from New Orleans Anfornee (sic) Davis broke a face bone with a blatant cheap shot, probably racial. Worse than that, some black on the Nets kicked him in the shoulder so hard it totally dislocated his shoulder. Baker is listed at 6'4" and was standing upright when he was kicked in the shoulder that hard. How does even happen? Was it some racist Bruce Lee fan kicking him that high up on purpose or was it a 1 in a billion accident? Was the "physical" whitey, Ron Baker, who was impressing most as a hard-nosed defender, guarding the brothers too hard? By the way, fellow Knicks undrafted free agent Luke Kornet has taken similar (racial) cheap shots this season, from Joel Embid and others.

    Either way, I'm sure Kyle Kover took his share of really hard racially induced cheap shots over the decades, but I guess it didn't knock any sense into him.

    Three quick points:

    1) I wonder what kind of area Cuck Kover resides in? I seriously hope this assclown does not live in a wealthy, vast majority white area? If he does, he's a hypocrite to the highest order! If he abhors "white privilege" and loves blacks and minorities so much, why doesn't he reside in a place similar to Harlem, Watts/Compton, Chicago or Ferguson, Missouri? That goes for all gutless, virtue signaling jackals like him!

    2) If you are wondering what Kyle Korver might look like as a women, here's his basketball playing niece. Looks just like him. Decent long, blonde hair, but an ultra witchy-Kover family face:

    3) Top of this thread is a reminder of a lot of great posters that no longer post here. Time does fly! Hard to believe it's 6 and 3 years, respectively, for TJ.R and Colonel_Reb. I went almost 4 years not posting here at CF. Hopefully a few of these men will also return.
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  4. Shadowlight

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    Mar 16, 2013
    Ha I have seen that before where all the family members look like one another. Big things were predicted for Kari as she headed to UCLA but she never became a star. Was noted for her three point shooting though just like Uncle Kyle.

    So instead of the Korver clan it is more like the Korver clones.
  5. booth

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    Jul 23, 2015
    Korver no longer exists to me. There are two kinds of people I hate with a passion I can hardly contain. Race traitors and rats. He certainly falls into the race traitor category. With 16 yrs in the league, I'm sure he has seen numerous cheap shots on white players and curse at by black players. I guess they deserve it for playing while white. Maybe he will get a job at the BET network.
  6. Truthteller

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    Oct 19, 2009
    Good point, Shadowlight. By the way, I made a mistake, Kari Korver is Cuck Korver's "cousin", not his "niece". Considering how long he's played in the NBA, I figured it was his niece due to his/her ages. Either way it's scary how much Kari and Kyle look alike. You are right, if Kyle has a daughter, I can't imagine she could ever look more like him than his cousin. Like most highly-touted white girls in the last decade, the WNBA seemed to have no interest in Korver, so she's now coaching. Weird thing is, as Kari Kover gets older she looks even more like Cousin Cuck. Hopefully she's much smarter than him:

    P.S.: Speaking of look-a-likes, I always thought Butchy ESPN lesbian broadcaster Pam Ward looked very much like Kyle Kover. Unlike Kyle's cousin, who has long hair, Pam Ward has/had the exact hair style.
    I agree all-around booth. That's exactly what I meant about fools like Korver/J.J. Reddick and Steve Nash being afflicted by some bizarre NBA variation of the Stockholm Syndrome.

    Definitions of the Stockholm Syndrome (below), which seem to perfectly fit those NBA cucks, as well as a ton of others in the NBA and NFL.

    Stockholm Syndrome is the psychological tendency of a hostage to bond with, identify with, or sympathize with his or her captor.

    Stockholm Syndrome is a condition which causes hostages to develop a psychological alliance with their captors as a survival strategy during captivity.

    Stockholm Syndrome has symptoms or behaviors, that clearly afflict Korver, Reddick and Nash. In the case of the Cuck trio, their longtime abuser's/controller's are fellow black players in college and the NBA:
    • Positive feelings by the victim toward the abuser/controller
    • Negative feelings by the victim toward family, friends, or authorities trying to rescue/support them or win their release
    • Support of the abuser’s reasons and behavior
    • Supportive behaviors by the victim, at times helping the abuser
    • Inability to engage in behaviors that may assist in their release or detachment

    P.S. If Korver, Reddick, Nash or any other prideless cucks want to help themselves after years of torment by angry blacks, here's a link that can start the "healing process":
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  7. Don Wassall

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    Sep 30, 2004
    It may well be Stockholm Syndrome, but let's concentrate on supporting White athletes instead of tearing them down. There are tons of White athletes right this moment excelling at basketball, hockey, golf, tennis, UFC, boxing, football, etc. We get the point, Korver is a liberal, we don't need post after post condemning him, especially when so many CF forums are quiet. I'd much rather see positive posts in those forums than a slew of posts attacking Korver.

    As I've written from Day One on Caste Football, if you expect White athletes to think the same way as CF posters do, you're going to be disappointed time and again. We're here to cheer the accomplishments of White athletes on the field of play, not dissect their individual political views in great detail because that's an endless exercise in frustration and we end up attacking them instead of lauding their achievements.

    This is an era of runaway lunatic cultural communism so it's hardly a surprise to find out there are still outspoken leftist White athletes. Bill Walton was an outspoken lefty during the Vietnam War days, and there were plenty of others at that time and since then until now.

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