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Discussion in 'Miami Dolphins' started by TwentyTwo, Dec 15, 2010.

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    Backrow posted this news a few days ago. I guess we do need a new Curtis thread since he's now with the Dolphins.
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    Jun 28, 2010
    I wonder if they see him as "the white guy that can replace the other white guy" since Brian Hartline went on IR. If so it would be nice to see him get reps at the outside receiver spot before the season ends. Not the ideal place to be for him next season with Hartline, Marshall and Bess, but hopefully they put him in there as soon as possible. He had one of the highest wonderlic scores so I imagine it wouldn't be too hard to get familiar with the dolphin's playbook.

    the clown that wrote the stuff in that link says he doesn't understand the signing, and that Curtis won't have an impact. I wonder if he is aware that the last time Curtis was healthy is had 1110 yards in a season. HE had a sports hernia the next year, and still came back to have a 122 yard game in the postseason. Then he had the knee injury and then cancer. I don't think they wouldve signed him if he didn't have a clean bill of health. The Dolphins didn't even want to sign Drew Brees because of his shoulder and worried that he wasn't 100 percent. Maybe he might be more prone to injury at this age, but he still can fill in and perform for part of the season, that part is for sure. It sucks we had to wait until he almost 30 to see how he would do as a starter, even though we had a glimpse of it in 2004 when Holt went down in the playoffs and Curtis had back to back 100 yard receiving games.
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    Miami isn't the ideal spot for him. Curtis is so versatile that he could play Split-End, Flanker or Slot though. Unfortunately for Curtis- the Dolphins have three good young WRs at all three spots that they are trying to build on. I think Curtis "might" still be better than Bess in the slot role. I'm actually unsure of that though, as Bess has become a poor man's Wes Welker and is actually pretty darn good in the Slot role and is much younger than Curtis. Even without the caste system it would be hard for Curtis to make the top three here next year. How long did the Dolphins sign him for?
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    Surprise! Dolphins cut Kevin Curtis. How's that for a coffee break.
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    As mentioned, Miami was not at all a good place for Kevin Curtis. Especially this late in a mediocre unexciting year.
    Besides the WRs logjam, the offense is just poor. Henne's confidence is gone and buried and the play calling is about what the opposite would be for a team with a weapon such as Kevin Curtis.

    Perhaps they thought he would be 'Hartline like', you know, because he's the same color. Of course, they are basically 2 totally different styles. Curtis is a downfield, stretch the defense WR. Hartline is indeed more short passing game, middle field player. Yes, Hartline can run, but that is currently not his primary niche.

    This is why I am totally convinced that many 'player personnel' staff and scouts know basically just as much as any salivating, fantasy football playing, average guy fan who reads ESPN and CNNSI.
    Honestly, no joke...many (not all) team employees/scouts do not at all possess any unique knowledge then generally average hardcore type fans.

    Ex-players do not become scouts, they go to coaching or broadcasting.
    It's often times strange creeper types who become scouts. Plus, they almost always have a connection.
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    I think Curtis would thrive in Branchs role on the Patriots or as a backup to Branch and Welker and as a KR/PR. Hopefully next year NE (or some other team) will give KC a fair shot.

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