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    Justin Zimmer is a defensive tackle for the Montreal Alouettes. He went undrafted in the 2016 NFL draft and spent time with the Bills and Saints but never made the 53 man roster.

    Zimmer tested out to be very athletic and was highly productive at the division 2 level. I looked at video of him and I thought he looked like an NFL player. He reminded me of JJ Watt.

    I'm interested in following his career because I think he's being cheated by the caste system. I think he's good enough to play in the NFL.

    Here's a site which discusses his progress. One of the posters is a draft analyst who's also interested in Zimmer.

    Justin Zimmer #95 in Montreal Alouettes - Page 1 of 1 - CFL Forums
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    I was high on him when he was entering the league as well, he can start in the league just needs a chance. (*as should Klug and Hunt)
    I sound like a broken record.
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