Joe McKnight "road rage" case

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    Joe McKnight, the former five-star USC recruit and NY Jets running back, was shot dead in the street in greater New Orleans last week. Initial news reports appearing on sports websites mentioned that the gunman supposedly stood over McKnight's body and shouted, "I told you not to f--- with me!"

    I figured this was some standard black gangbanger violence and was interested to see today that the gunman was in fact a 54 year old white man. The incident has been relabeled as "road rage" and the suspect, who was initially released, has been brought in on manslaughter charges. Suddenly, this becomes a quintessential American race trial.

    The suspect, Ronald Gasser, apparently fired three shots from inside his car as McKnight approached his vehicle. When police arrived on the scene, he was sitting against his car, handed them his gun, and admitted to the shooting. Then, Gasser gave detectives ten hours of non-custodial testimony without a lawyer before being released the next day.


    The quote spoken over the McKnight's body, likely invented by a black "witness" as a helpful detail, has been declared false by the white sheriff, Newell Normand, whose staff conducted 160 interviews. At today's press conference, Normand called the incident "unacceptable behavior by two men" and read off black-on-black crime stats (!), presumably to offset allegations of racism against... anybody. He also confirmed that McKnight had a gun inside the truck he was driving, though not on his person when he was shot. The NAACP is standing by, demanding "swift justice."

    Back in 2006, Gasser apparently had charges dismissed against him for punching another man in another incident of "road rage," implying that he's a serial offender through the lens of the media.

    This should be a fun one to follow. It's not obvious whether Gasser has any culpability, but the initial internet reports that he pulled McKnight out of his truck, shot him, then stood over his corpse and shot him again while laughing maniacally have already been proven false.

    This website has decent, comprehensive coverage:

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