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Discussion in 'Baseball' started by Weltner, Apr 11, 2007.

  1. bigunreal

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    Oct 21, 2004
    To say that Jackie Robinson's importance is being wildly overemphasized by the establishment press is probably the understatement of the century. I think it is not a stretch at all to think that at some not too distant point in the future, the call will indeed begin for a national holiday in his honor. If one were merely to watch television, and not work or play in the real world, one would not only believe that at least half of the American population is black, but that the most important Americans of all time were Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks, Jackie Robinson and Muhammed Ali. Nothing surprises me anymore regarding white America's worship of blacks; it is absolutely all-encompassing and will not be destroyed except through decades of reverse brainwashing or the blood of another civil war.
  2. texasheat

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    Feb 26, 2006
    ESPN is quickly becoming less of a sports network & more of a "push our social agenda" crap-a-thon. Did anyone get ass-whipped by tonight's Dodgers - Padres game? I tune in wanting to watch a good game & expecting to get a few inside stories from ol-timers about Jackie Robinson & as I love baseball history I'm OK w/that.

    Instead, we get a 3-hour infomerical about what baseball needs to do to get more blacks in the game. That it's a travesty ... more needs to be done .. it's too expensive to play ... market it in the inner cities ... there's too many whites ... and can we PLEASE bring up the fact for the 99th time that in the 70's the black baseball player percentage was 27% but now it's only 8.4%. Who cares?!? The Latin and Asian influence in the game has expanded by 20% in that time but never mind details like that as I guess Latins & Asians don't count in ESPN's world.

    You have to agree that when ESPN.com breaks down every major league roster & lists the number of black people & comments on teams that aren't doing a good job (Braves & Astros don't have any black players for example -- Andrew Jones didn't count since he's Latin) that's racist, right? Or to put it another way, when are you going to see ESPN's analysis of the disappearing white American basketball player & team-by-team breakdowns of how many whites are on each team? Never, because that would be racist ... I just love me some double-standards.

    For an example of a great double standard, take this quote from Jimmy Rollins on ESPN: "We see different teams come in, and the first thing we look for is how many brothers they got. Sometimes it's one dude by himself. And we're like, "Man, you know that's a long year for him." OK, now make this quote belong to, let's say Steve Nash: "We see different teams come in, and the first thing we look for is how many whites they got. Sometimes it's one dude by himself. And we're like, "Man, you know that's a long year for him." Reaction? RACIST INGRATE. STRING HIM UP!!!!!

    Sorry for getting on my soap-box but I look forward to the day when ESPN shuts up w/the agenda pushing of a group of select few that ram stuff down our throat that 85% of the people couldn't give a whip about.[​IMG]
  3. robcat

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    Feb 18, 2005
    Theres also a parallel movement to force every team to retire Roberto Clementes number 21. Clemente was Puerto Rican so its less likely it will succeed. But Clemente was a fullblooded black so who knows?
  4. Bear-Arms

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    Mar 8, 2005
    United States
    If they were going to honor black players then they should have done it right and honored the first black player on their respective teams.

    Having Jackie Robinson day proved that race is still an issue in America. It proved that blacks are allowed to have pride in their race and accomplishments. That would be the only reason I'm upset by this, that and, the overreaction by the media but they overreact about everything.
  5. Lance Alworth

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    Nov 18, 2004
    Portland OR
    Well you didn't need Jackie Robinson day to see that. Just look at this years Super Bowl. The fact that two black coaches were in it completely overshadowed the whole Peyton Manning story
  6. reclaimsocal

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    Jan 5, 2005
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    Come on guys, we all know that Blacks can't be racist, so there is no double standard and anyone who points out the "Emporer has no clothes" is a racist and therefore no one should listen to their argument and furthermore they should be demonized for even saying it.

    This is a subject that we can never, and I repeat NEVER, turn in our favor until the racial pendulum swings back towards White racial identity and pride. You can tell that time is getting nearer by the effort put up from the other side to stop it. When it finally comes to pass it will be an avalanche, so be prepared.
  7. foreverfree

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    Nov 7, 2004
    Or, if you're a mover/shaker in Delaware, add Judy Johnson to the list. He grew up in Wilmington, DE. Played 3B for the Pittsburgh Crawfords in the Negro Leagues. Enshrined in Cooperstown in 1975. One night every August, Wilmington's Carolina League team, whose stadium is named for Johnson and has a statue of him outside, has a "night" in his memory. The Wilmington Blue Rocks and their opponents wear Negro League unis in that game.

    Probably the latter. It will not be pretty.

  8. LabMan

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    Aug 6, 2006

    In Pittsburgh Pa,Clemente has A BRIDGE named after him,as well as a park,a statue,the right field wall at PNC park is 21 feet high,honoring his uniform number,a cigar bar inside the ballpark was gutted this year,"there will be no White males smoking cigars here,much too manly",and the new venue is?,you guessed it,"Club 21"!

    All who post here know where all of this non White adoration is going,but the young kids in the Pittsburgh area must never be told that Clemente was hard to get along with in the clubhouse,not liked by the media,and accused of faking injuries.

    Oh by the way,what is named in Pittsburgh after wonderful White second baseman Bill Mazeroski? Why it's "Mazeroski Way",connotation,"an alley'!
  9. screamingeagle

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    Oct 24, 2005
    Someone told me that the dodgers won the pennant 6 of the 10 years that Jackie Robinson played. I had to remind him that the 24 other white players had a greater role in that.
    Here is what today's children are taught: The Tuskusskee airman where the only American pilts fighting the nazi's, the 442 regiment was the only soldiers fighting the nazis. No white people were involved. Just ignore all the white faces you see in the old newsreels.
    and of course Jackie Robinson won pennants all by himself.

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