Italian American Champions of the Boxing Ring

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    I received this in one of my regular email inboxes (it wasn't sent to Caste Football). Can't vouch for the author or the accuracy but it's apparently an excerpt from his book and seems well-researched. In fact, it may be the entire book as it's a very long read, too long for me to clean up the spacing, which is jumbled as it was received in the body of an email and not as an attached document.

    If any of you boxing experts think it's worthy, I could add it to the homepage as an article.

    Italian American Champions of the Boxing Ring

    by John Galletta

    The purpose of this book is to bring to light the great, but not well remembered
    Italian American ("IA") boxing Champions of the past, from the late 1800s to the
    1960s. In this time span, there was only one title weight division to contend
    with – and not more, like the present day. The IA champions of the past were
    among the best (as there were many of them) who were never recognized or were
    only slightly mentioned in the International Boxing Hall of Fame ("IBHOF"). The
    IBHOF fails to give publicity that is due to these great IA champions.

    The boxing titleholders of that era did not look like a bulked up, supplement
    using, unnatural bodies of today nor were they a mouth that made them the
    greatest, they talked with their fists and not the mouth as we have all seen and
    heard. In my opinion, Rocky Marciano was unbeaten 49-0 and fought all comers,
    when spoken of regarding a fight, left his opponents arms swollen, sore, blood
    vessels damaged, faces disfigured, as no other fighter left their opponents.

    Rocky was truly the toughest, greatest Heavy Weight Champion that ever lived or
    walked in the ring. He was never counted out barring none, there is no stone to
    turn and say he wasn't the greatest—unbeaten—unbeaten--unbeaten. The memory of
    Marciano is hardly ever brought up when the great champions are mentioned in
    news-related stories; the Irish would have loved to claim him to be Irish and so
    would the Jewish have wanted to claim him Jewish. Exploring web pages of the
    IBHOF with little or no mention of Rocky Marciano, I found a compulsion to write
    about Marciano and many of the other great Italian American Champions. The
    Italian American community should know of great Italian boxers, rather than just
    reading about John L. Sullivan and Muhammad Ali.

    I am a retired, Merchant Seaman who had nurtured an interest in boxing as a
    youth aboard ship. During the off watch, evening hours there were usually a few
    crewmembers sitting on the fantail of the ship. There was always a crewmember
    willing to lace on a pair of boxing gloves and spar a few rounds, which for me
    turned out to be hundreds of rounds over the years that passed. Many times,
    sparing would be with an ex-professional or a good amateur boxer in which I
    would pick up pointers. Upon retirement, over twenty years at sea, I went into
    business but was also involved with training youths at amateur boxing in
    Vermont. Later, after I relocated to Florida, I got involved with professional
    boxing, holding a professional Florida manager's license for two years.
    The more than fifty (50) boxers mentioned in this book are all champions
    except for a few whom have honorable mention. The boxers are listed and
    recorded alphabetically in which many have a biography written.

    A history of approximately twenty-eight (28) early champions have Anglicized
    their names to either escape discrimination or for an easier name for a box
    office draw, are among the best pound for pound fighters.

    After checking the main web page of the IBHOF "Boxing Bibliography" and
    seeing a first page headline of John L. Sullivan and Jim Corbett, (considered as
    two great champions) and with no mention of Rocky Marciano, I was convinced to
    get active and start opening the eyes of the Italian American public regarding
    what I consider a fiasco at the IBHOF. The IBHOF main web page does not have one
    boxing history book written by an Italian American who can give credit to the
    great Italian American boxers. The Italian American and public community should
    be able to read and see for themselves the history of great Italian American

    The IBHOF main web page has many books about great black boxers, Jewish
    boxers, Irish boxers and I repeat, none of the great Italian American boxers.

    There is little or no reference in the IBHOF books of old-time champions such
    as, Fred Apostoli, Young Corbett 111, Johnny Dundee, Joe Dundee, Vince Dundee,
    Pete Herman, Fidel Labarba, Sammy Mandell, and Johnny Wilson a great
    Middleweight. Also, IBHOF excluded some Italian American boxers that never made
    or was given a backseat at the title such as Fireman Jim Flynn, Frankie Conley,
    Lou Bogash, Casper Leon, Al Delmont, Joe Grim, Billy Petrolle, Jack Sharkey,
    Hugo Kelly to mention a few.

    Why are the Italian American Champions not represented like other ethnic groups
    in the IBHOF? My reason for writing this book is to "blow the horn" for many of
    the Italian American champions. Hopefully, it will be carried on and not get
    lost in the hands of biased publishers, as in the past.

    Thank you and God Bless,
    John Galletta

    ******* ****** ******** ******


    Apostoli, Fred Middleweight Champ BORN
    Ballerino, Mike Jr. Lightweight Champ
    Bartolo, Sal Featherweight Champ
    Basilio, Carmen Middleweight Champ
    Ballerino, Mike Jr. Lightweight champ
    Battalino,Battling Featherweight Champ
    Belloise, Mike Featherweight Champ
    Bettina, Melio Light heavyweight Champ
    Canzoneri, Tony First 3 division Champ
    Carnera, Primo Heavyweight Champ
    Demarco, Paddy Lightweight Champ
    Demarco Tony (Leonardo Liotta) Welterweight Champ
    Genero, Frankie (Frankie DiGennara) Flyweight champ
    Giardello, Joey (Carmine Tilelli) Middleweight Champ
    Graziano, Rocky (Rocco Barbella)
    Labarba, Fidel Featherweight Champ
    Lamotta, Jake Middleweight champ
    Marciano, Rocky (Rocco Marchegiano) HW Champ 9/1/23
    Marino, Tony Bantam Champ
    Pastrano,Willie LH Champ
    Salica, Lou Bantam Champ
    Scalzo, Pete LW champ
    Servo, Marty Welterweight Champ
    Terranova, Phil FW Champ

    Above Champions with exception of 2, All with Italian Names

    Below are Italian American Boxing Champs, Names to Mostly Irish or other

    Ambers, Lou (Louis D'Ambrosio) LW Champ
    Angott, Sammy (Samuel Engotti) LW Champ 1/17/15
    Conley, Frankie (Francesco Conte) Bantam champ
    Corbett, Young 3rd (Ralph Capobianca Giordano) MW Champ 5/27/05

    Dundee, Joe (Sam Lazzaro) WW champ
    Dundee, Johnny (Joseph Corrara) LW champ
    Dundee Vince (Vincent Lazzaro) MW champ
    Graham, Bushy (Angelo Geraci) LW champ
    Herman, Pete (Peter Gulotta) Bantam champ
    Jeffra Harry (Ignacius Guiffi) FW champ
    Kansas, Rocky (Rocco Tozze) LW champ
    Larkin Tippy (Tony Pilleteri) Jr. WW champ
    Mandell, Sammy (Samuel R. Mandella) LW champ
    Martin, Eddie (Cannon Ball) (Edward V. Martino) Bantam champ 3/3/03
    Maxim, Joey (Guiseppe A. Berardinelli) LHW champ
    Pep, Willie (William Papaleo) FW champ
    Sullivan, Steve (Stephen J. Tricamo) LW champ
    Wilson, Johnny (John Panica) MW champ
    Wolgast, Midget (Joseph R. Loscatzo) Fly weight champ

    Italian fighters from Italy are not included in book only Italian American
    There are dozens maybe hundreds of old time fighters of Italian ancestry many
    with Irish names that fought in the early days that are not included.
    Book is exclusively post late 1800s to pre 1960s

    Italian American Boxers, to list a few of many who have fought many champions.

    Bogash, Lou (Lou Bogassi) contender, Born 2/24/01
    Conley, Frankie (Francesco Conte) claim title Born
    Delmont, Al (Alfredo Delmonti) contender, Born
    Flynn, Jim (Andrew Charglione) Contender Born
    Galento, Tony (Two Ton Tony) Contender, Born
    Giambra, Joey contender Born
    Grim, Joe (Saverio Giannone) (The Iron Man) Born
    Indrissano, Johnny 11/11/06
    Kelly, Hugo (Ugo Mitchelli) Contender Born
    LaStraza, Roland Contender Born
    Leon, Casper (Gasper Leone) Contender Born
    Mauriello, Tami contender born 9/18/23
    O'Gatty, Packey (Pasquale Agati) Contender Born
    Petrolle, Billy (The Fargo Express) Contender Born
    Sharkey, Jack (Giovanni Cervati) Contender Born
    Zulu, Young Kid, (Giuseppi Di Melfi) claim title Born 4/22/1897

    ******** ******* *********** *******

    Ambers, Lou
    (Louis D'Ambrosio) (Herkimer Hurricane) B. 11/8/13,Herkimer, N.Y. Italian
    First fight, Frank Curry, KO 2, 6/16/32, NYC.
    Won title, Tony Canzoneri, 15, 9/3/36, NYC.
    Lost title, Lew Jenkins, KOBY#, 5/10/40.
    Last fight, Lew Jenkins, KOBY 7, 2/28/41.
    Under any other nationality Lou Ambers would have been considered one of the
    great. Starting as a young teenager boxing in clubs 1929 for five to ten dollars
    a fight, came up the ranks to fight and win/lose to some of the greatest
    Featherweight and Lightweight division champions in that day.
    Name dropping a few fighters such as Henry Armstong, Jimmy McLarnin, Tony
    Canzoneri, Fritzie Zivic,
    Lew Jenkins, Frankie Klick, Baby Arizmendi, Lou Ambers multiple matches with
    each what some
    Considered wars. Joined U.S. Coast Guard 1942.

    Lightweight Champion, Title held 9/3/36 to 8/17/38 and also 8/22/39 to 5/10/40
    TB-102, KO-29, LD-6, KOBY-2

    *** *** *** *** *** ***

    Angott, Sammy
    (Samuel Engotti) Italian American, Born 1/17/15, Washington, Pa.
    First fight Tony Marengo, won 4, March 1935.
    Won lightweight title Davey Day, 10, 5/3/40.
    Lost title Juan Zurita, 15, 3/8/44.
    Last fight, Sonny Boy West, lost 10, 8/8/50.
    Another tough champion who fought the best in his time such as Sugar Ray
    Robinson 3X, Baby Arizmendi, Fritzie Zivic, Bob Montgomery, Lew Jenkins, Allie
    Stolz, Henry Armstrong, Ike Williams, Johnny Bratton, Beau Jack, another
    Champion that can hold his own as a great fighter.

    Lightweight Champ 5/3/40 to 3/844 on-off
    TB-125, KO-22, LD-22, KOBY-1

    *** *** **** **** ****

    Apostoli, Fred
    Italian American. Born 2/2/14 California, died 11/29/73 San Francisco, Calif.,
    handsome and great fighter, Won amateur Golden Gloves MW championship, National
    MW title, 1934.
    First pro fight, Freddie Steele, KOBY10, 4/1/35, Seattle.
    Middleweight title Glen Lee, won 10, 4/1/38, N.Y.C.
    Lost title Ceferino Garcia, KOBY 7, 10/2/39, N.Y.C.
    Last fight Earl Turner, lost 10, 12/1/48, Oakland, Calif.
    Apostoli fought many heavier opponents, Billy Conn 2x in 1/39 & 2/39 lost by
    decision, Melio Bettina 2x 1/40 won, 2/40 KO by 12, Lou Brouliard W10, LH
    weight champs.
    Fought Fred Steele 2x MW champ, Ken Overlin, Tony Zale, lost title to
    Ceferino Garcia 10/2/39, went in US Navy 1942. Ring magazine man of the year

    Middleweight Champion 4/1/38 to 10/2/39
    TB-72, KO-31, LD-6 KO by-4

    ***** ****** ****** ********* ******

    Ballerino, Mike
    Italian American, born 1901, Bayonne, N. J. died 4/4/65 Tampa Florida, weight
    Firsr fight Kid Ponso, KO 3, 1920.
    Won title Steve (Kid) Sullivan 4/1/25 won junior lightweight title.
    Lost title, Tod Morgan, KOBY 10, 12/2/25, Los Angeles.
    Last fight, Murray Fuchs, won 10, 1929.
    Fought Pancho Villa a great Philippine world champion 12 times while 19 or 20
    years of age 2 draws, 2 ND, 8 lost, also fought Vincent Pepper Martin, Ace
    Hudkins. Last Fight Murray Fuchs won in 10, 1929.

    Junior Lightweight title 4/1/25 to 12/2/25
    TB-96 KO-8 WD-32 D-14 LD-19 Koby-5

    **** ******** ********

    Bartolo, Sal
    Italian American, born 11/15/17, Boston, Mass.
    First fight Art Nadeau, KO3, 4/3/37, boston.
    Won title, Phil Terranova, 15, 3/10/44, Boston.
    Lost title, Willie Pep, KOBY 12, 7/7/46. N.Y.C.
    last fight with Paulie Jackson won 10 round decision 1/25/49, Salem, Mass.
    Fought Bobby Ruffin, Chalky Wright, Joey Archibald, Willie Pep 3x, Phil
    Terranova, Went in US Merchant Marine 1943.

    Featherweight champion 3/10/44 to 6/7/46
    TB-97, KO-16, WD-58, LD-16, KOBY-2

    **** ***** ******* *******
    ******* *****

    Basilio, Carmen
    Italian American, Born 4/2/27, Canastota, N.Y.
    Onion Farmer, factory worker. Lean craggy individual who look as if he had been
    carved from a rock. Joined Marine Corps. 1945 to 1947, had 14 amateur bouts.
    First fight Jimmy Evans, KO 3, 11/24/48, Binghamton, N.Y.
    Went on to win the World Welter title Tony Demarco, Ko 12, 6/10/55.
    Won from and then lost Middleweight title Ray Robinson, 3/25/58, Chicago.
    Last fight, lost 15 to Paul Pender for title, 4/22/61, Boston..
    Basilio has fought the best in his career. Sugar Ray Robinson 2x won 1 lost 1,
    Koby Gene Fullmer 2x late in career for Middleweight title, Ike Williams won in
    10, Kid Gavilan lost in 15. Basilio poured his heart out in every fight he
    looked small but powerful, he has won and lost the NYS and World Welter and
    World Middleweight on and off from 1953 to 1961. Retired 4/25/61 after Pender
    bout. Hall of Fame 1969.

    Welterweight champ 6/6/53 to 9/18/53, 6/10/55 to 9/23/57 on off.
    Middleweight champ 9/23/57 to 3/25/58
    TB-79 KO-27 WD-29 LD-14 KOBY-2

    **** ****** ***** ****** ******* ******

    Battalino, Battling
    Italian American, (Christopher Battalino) born 2/18/08, Hartford, Conn.
    Turned pro in 1927.
    First fight Archie Rosenberg, KO 2, 1927.
    Won title, 9/23/29, beating Andre Routis of France for the Featherweight
    championship, after just a little more than 2 years as professional fighter.
    A rugged fighter and a good champ. Outgrew title 1932 to fight Lightweight.
    Last fight, Dick Turcotte, lost 10, 1/30/40, Hartford, Conn.
    He has beaten Champs Panama Al Brown, Andre Routis, Kid Chocolate, Fidel La
    Babara, Al Singer, Bushy Graham. After his retirement 1/30/1940 he worked as a
    construction laborer in Connecticut. KOBY one time by Billy Petrolle, also
    fought up and coming heavier Barney Ross 1932 losing a 10 round decision. Last
    fight, Dick Turcotte, lost 10, 1/30/40, Hartford, Conn. Battling Battalino has
    only been KO in only one battle of 88 bouts.
    Featherweight Champion 9/23/29 to 3/2/32
    TB-88, KO-24, WD-34, D-3, LD-24, LF-1, KOBY-1

    **** ****** ****** *********

    Belloise, Mike
    Italian American, born New York, N.Y. 2/18/11.
    First fight, Jimmy Hughes, KO 3, 1932.
    KO in 14 Everette Rightmire for the World Featherweight Championship 4/3/36.
    Lost Title to Joey Archibald 10/17/38 in 15 rounds.
    Last fight, Tommy Steelhouse, KOBY 5, 8/26/47, Elmira, NY.
    Has fought Champs Baby Arizmendi, Henry Armstrong 3x, Pete Scalzo 2x, Lew

    Featherweight Champion 4/3/36 to 10/17/38

    TB-126, KO-19, WD-65, D-13, LD-15, KOBY-14

    ***** ******* ****** ******* ********

    Bettina, Melio
    Italian American, Born in Bridgeport, Conn. 11/18/16.
    First fight, Joe Gargiso, KO 1, 10/6/34, NYC.
    Beat Tiger Jack Fox in KO 9 rounds for vacant LH Weight Title 2/3/39.
    Lost Title to Billy Conn 7/13/39.
    Last fight, Johnny Flynn, KOBY 6, 12/21/48, Rochester, NY.
    Melio considered a grueling crowd pleaser, some regarded underrated. Manager
    James V. Grippo was a hypnotist, claimed his talent played important role in
    fights. Record as LH weight Champ is a short time, but has fought men in heavier
    weights. Has fought HW Pat Valentino, Jimmy Bivens, Gus Dorazio, Curtis Shepard,
    Joe Muscato and Gus Lesnevich LH Camp KOBY 1. Last bout 1948.

    Light Heavyweight Champion 2/3/39 to 7/13/39
    TB-99, KO-36, WD-46, D-3, LD-10, KOBY-3, ND-1

    ***** ****** *********
    ****** ******

    Canzoneri, Tony
    Italian American, born 11/6/08, Slidell, La. Died Dec.9, 1959. Tony moved to
    Brooklyn N.Y. At 16 won the Amateur New York State Bantam title at 95 lbs.
    Competing against 118 lbs.
    First fight, James Gardner, KO 1, 1/17/25, NYC.
    Won featherweight title, Benny Bass, 15, 2/10/28, NYC.
    Lost LW title Lou Ambers, 9/3/36, 10, NYC.
    Last bout, Al Davis, KOBY 3, 11/1/39, NYC.
    Under any other name Tony Canzoneri would be considered the greatest along side
    Henry Armstrong in their weight category. At 18 he fought Bud Taylor for the
    Bantam World Title and it was a 10 round draw and also lost a 10 round decision
    for the Bantam Title to Bud Taylor at that young age, Canzoneri beat Bud Taylor
    12/30/27 in third fight nontitle. Had he had won that fight he would have gone
    on to make big time history four Title holder in the fight game. Canzoneri still
    made history later winning three titles, though one was a Jr. Welterweight
    Title, he also won the Featherweight Title, and the Lightweight Title twice, a
    Bantam Title win back at 18years of age would have been icing on his triple
    Crown to a four Crown.
    Tony held 8 titles including his amateur championships, Tony won first World
    Featherweight title when he beat Benny Bass 2/10/28 in 16 rounds. Canzoneri
    bouts in the ring were with the best and the resume is huge Who's Who of Boxing,
    Andre Routis W-3x L-1, Bushy Graham W-1x, Johnny Dundee W-1x, Al Singer D-1,
    Sammy Mandell L-1, Jack Kid Berg W-1, L-1, also bouts with Champs Johhny Jadick
    , Battling Shaw, Kid Chocolate, Billy Petolle, Barney Ross, Baby Arizmendi, Lou
    Ambers, Jimmy McLarnin. Conzoneri lost his Lightweight title 9/3/36 to Lou
    Ambers.. Canzoneri had 181 bouts and was only KOBY one (1) time and that was
    his last bout. Regarded by many as one of the old all time great's.

    Featherweight Champ, Lightweight Champ, Jr. Welterweight Champ
    2/10/28 to 9/3/36 on/off
    TB-181, KO-44, WD-94, LF-1, KOBY-1 ND-3

    **** ****** ******* *****

    Carnera, Primo
    (The Ambling Alp) born 10/26/06, Sequals, Italy. Died 6/29/67,Primo Carnera
    stood 6'6" 260 lbs. and growth not by hormones or supplements, had become
    American Citizen 8/28/53. Was a carpenters apprentice, a circus strongman before
    his first bout in the ring.
    First fight, Leon Seblio, KO 2, 9/12/28, Paris.
    Won title, Jack Sharkey, KO 6, 6/29/33.
    Lost title, Max Baer, KO 11, 6/14/34, NYC.
    Last fight, Luigi, Musina, lost 10, 5/13/46, Milan, Italy.
    He was well excepted and liked in England. Primo Carnera, a prizefighter, lover,
    popular idol, tragic victim and finally a international star of the wrestling
    When Primo turned to the wrestling in the late 40s he was near broke, his
    managers and promoters had stripped him clean of his money, had him fighting for
    almost nothing just to pay bills but that also can be said of Jack Dempsey and
    Joe Louis. Primo Carnera also made fame and kept his fortune as a wrestler, when
    to raise a wonderful family. Primo rose to respect and who can forget the
    contemptuous buffoonery he was an object of from Max Baer. Fredric Mullally
    British a novelist and one time boxing critic, states in his book, "Primo", "He
    was a phenomeon: the most colossal boxer to win the world championship, thereby
    becoming one of only three Europeans and the first Italian pugilist to wear the
    Heavyweight crown".

    Heavyweight Champ 6/29/33 to 6/14/34
    TB-99, KO-66, WD-18, WF-2, LD-5, LF-1, KOBY-6
    ***** ******** ******** *******
    Corbett, Young, 111, (Ralph Capabianca Giordano)
    Italian American, born 5/27/05, Naples, Italy.
    First fight, Terry McGovern, won 4, 9/28/19, Fresno, Calif.
    Won welterweight title 2/22/33 beating Jackie Fields, 10 rounds.
    Lost title, Jimmy McLarnin, KOBY 1, 5/29/33.
    Last fight, Sheik Rangel, won 10, 8/20/40, Fresno.
    A up and down early career later fought the best many heavier than him and beat
    them, unfortunately his title was short lived when his title taken by Jimmy
    McLarnin for Welterweight Championship. Young Corbett won title 2/22/33
    beating Jackie Fields and losing to McLarnin 5/29/33. Corbett went on to beat
    Ceferino Garcia 2x, Mickey Walker a great MW Champ 1x, Gus Lesnevich LH Champ
    1x, Billy Conn LH Champ fought 2x won 1 lost 1, Fred Apostoli MW Champ 2x won 1
    lost 1. Retired to Fresno, Calif. Police force.

    Welterweight Champion, 2/22/33, to 5/29/33
    TB-166 KO-36 WD-96 D-15 LD-9 KOBY-3 ND-7

    ***** ******* ****** ******

    Demarco, Pat (Paddy)
    Italian American, born 2/10/28, Brooklyn, N.Y. Promising early record.
    First fight, Sal Giglio won 4, 3/20/45.
    Won Lightweight title from Jimmy Carter 3/5/54.
    Lost title to Jimmy Carter 11/17/54.
    Last fight Benny Medina KOBY 7, 11/3/59.
    Lost to Willie Pep, KOBY Sandy Saddler, beat Saddler 2x in rematches.

    A personal glimpse of Paddy in December 1946 when I had just turned 16 within
    the past month and joined to fight in the New York Golden Gloves, a list of
    training clubs was given to me. I chose the Bushwick Athletic Club, near the
    Bushwick Theatre at Broadway Brooklyn where Paddy Demarco also trained on his
    way to being LW champ within a couple years. Myself two or three weeks into
    training this Saturday morning was asked to spar with Paddy, well after two
    rounds of being spun around and being belted at will, my assigned trainer
    arrived, being furious that they allowed me to spar with Paddy known to be a
    hard sparring partner. My career in boxing lasted a month or so December/46 and
    January/47, me with only two fights in the Golden Gloves and Paddy went on to be
    LW World Champion.
    John Galletta

    Lightweight Champion, 3/5/54 to 11/17/54
    TB-104 KO-8 WD-67 D-3 LD-19 KOBY-7

    **** ***** ****** ******** ********

    Demarco, Tony (Leonardo Liotta)
    Italian American, born 1932, Boston, Mass.
    First fight at age 16, Meetor Jones KO in 1 round.
    Won Welter title, Johnny Saxon KO-14, 4/1/55.
    Lost title to Carmen Basilio, KOBY 12, 6/10/55.
    Last fight Stefan Redl won in 10, 2/6/62 and retired.

    Welterweight Champion 4/1/55 to 6/10/55
    TB-71 KO-33 WD-25 D-1 LD-5 KOBY-7

    ****** ******* ******** ****** ********

    Dundee, Joe (Sam Lazzaro)
    Italian American, born Italy 1902, has had an impressive record but there is not
    much written about him, he held the Welterweight title over two years and fought
    the best in his era.
    First fight, Little Jeff, lost 4, 3/14/19.
    Won title, Pete Latzo, 15, 6/3/27, NYC.
    Lost title foul 2, 7/25/29, Detroit.
    Last fight, Mike Lichtenstein, won 4, 2/16/31, Baltimore.
    Joe dundee has fought Lew Tendler, Mickey Walker, Pete Latzo, Johnny Indrisano,
    Jackie Fields. Lost title to Jackie Fields on Foul 2nd round 7/25/29. Joe's
    brother is Vince Dundee who later also became a Middleweight Champ.

    Welterweight Champion 6/3/27 to 7/25/29
    TB-123 KO-23 WF-1 LD-13 LF-2 KOBY-5 ND-4 NC-2

    **** ****** **** ** ******

    Dundee, Johnny (Joseph Corrara) (The Scotch Wop)
    Italian American, born 11/22/1893, Sciacca, Italy. Died 4/22/65.
    First fight, Harry Smith, won 4, 1910, NYC.
    Won title, Jr. Lightweight, George Chaney, mfoul 5, 11/18/21, NYC.
    Retired with Featherweight title 1924.
    Last bout, Al Dunbar, lost 10, 1932, Brooklyn.
    One of boxing's most fabulous fighters 320 fights. Top Featherweight and
    Lightweight over two decades (20 years). Johnny Dundee, dubbed "Scotch Wop" was
    one of the greatest featherweights of all time. He fought every boxer of note
    bothe in his own division and in the lightweight class and stood out among the
    top ranking puglists,. He was a maine event fighter for almost 20 years.
    He came to America at an early age and started boxing in 1910 and won his
    first 14 bouts, all in New York. Among the stars he fought were Benny Leonard,
    Willie Jackson, Freddy Welsh, Rocky Kansas, Lew Tendler, Joe Rivers and Leach
    He was a fast and sharp hitter. He was a wizard in fighting off the ropes. He
    never tired. He possessed great stamina and a fighting heart. His bouts with
    Sammy Mandell, Tony Canzoneri, Kid Sullivan, Eddie Cannon Ball Martin and Sid
    Terris were all top events.
    On January 15, 1917, he suffered his greatest fistic shock when he was knocked
    out by Willie Jackson at Philadelphia in one round. He didn't quit the ring
    untill 1932. After his retirement he went into business in East Orange, N. J.

    A opinion of mine is Johnny Kilbane a great Irishman fighter one of the best,
    the Featherweight Champ from 1912 to 1923 avoided Johnny Dundee and fought only
    no decision and non title bouts with Dundee for some reason or another as you
    can guess. On 1/27/13 Johnny Dundee did fight Johnny Kilbane for the
    Featherweight title to a draw and Johnny Dundee was never given another chance
    to fight Johnny Kilbane again in the 11 years Kilbane held the title. What do
    you think?

    Featherweight & Jr. Lightweight Champion 11/18/21 to 6/20/24
    TB-321 KO-19 WD-93 WF-1 D-18 LD-29 KOBY-3 ND-7

    ***** ****** ******
    ****** ********

    Dundee, Vince (Vincent Lazzaro)
    Italian American, born 1904, Italy. Died 7/27/49. Glendale, Calif.
    First fight, Mickey White, won 4, 9/19/23, Baltimore.
    Won title, Lou Brouillard, 15, 10/30/33, Boston.
    Lost title, Teddy Yaroze, 15, 9/11/34, Pittsburgh.
    Last fight, Honeyboy Jones, lost 10, 6/15/37, Pittsburgh.
    Fought Jackie Fields, Ben Jeby, Lou Brouillard, Teddy Yarosz, Freddie Steele,
    Marcel Thil, Billy Conn, Solly Kreiger, Johnny Indrisano, a Champ when the best
    in competion was around. KOBY 1 time in 1935 by Freddie Steele.
    Middleweight Champ, 10/30/33 to 9/11/34
    TB-150 KO-27 WD-85 D-13 LD-18 KOBY-1 ND-5

    ****** ****** ****** * ********

    Genaro, Frankie (Frank Di Gennara)
    Italian American, born 2/26/1901, New York, N. Y. He was a member of the
    Olympic team that carried of with honors at the Antwerp in 1920. Other member
    was Eddie Egan who later New York Athletic Commission.
    First fight, Billy Murphy, won 6, 1920.
    Won title, Flyweight title, Pancho Villa, 15, 3/1/23, NYC>
    Lost title, Young Perez, KOBY 2, 10/27/31, Paris.
    Last fight, Speedy Dado, KOBY 3, 2/13/34, San Jose, Calif.
    In July 1925 when Pancho Villa, the world title holder died Genaro held claim to
    that title and won 8 bouts in a row to receive recognition.
    Frankie Genaro Held the Flyweight title for many years fought all comers
    considered one of the greats.

    Flyweight Championship 3/1/23 to 10/27/31 on/off
    TB-129 KO-19 WD-59 WF-5 D-9 LD-16 LF-2 KOBY-4 ND-15

    ****** ********* *******
    ********** ********

    Giardello, Joey (Carmine Orlando Tilelli)
    Italian American born 6/30/31, Brooklyn, N. Y. A tough fighter who fought the
    best in the 50s and 60s, I considered him a late bloomer being in his thirties
    when he won the Middleweight title and had some his most important fights.
    First fight, Johnny Noel, KO 2, 1948, Trenton, NJ.
    Won title, Tiger Jones, 15, 12/7/63, Atlantic City.
    Lost title, Tiger Jones, 15, 10/21/65, NYC.
    Last fight, Jack Rogers, won 10, 11/8/67.
    His opponents Tiger Jones, Billy Graham, Joey Giambra, Genne Fullmer, Dick Tiger
    later became LH weight champ, Ray Robinson and Rubin Carter, I would say Joey
    Giardello was a underrated fighter.

    Middleweight Champion, 12/7/63 to 10/21/65
    TB-133 KO-32 WD-68 D-7 LD-21 KOBY-4 ND-1

    ********* ****** ******* ******

    Graham, Bushy (Angelo Geraci)
    Italian American, born 6/18/03, Italy.
    First fight Pete Harmon, KO 6 1921.
    Won Bantamweight title, Izzy Schwartz, 15, 5/23/28,
    Outgrew class and gave up claim to title 4/12/29.
    Last fight Enrico Venturi lost 8, 11/27/36.
    Undefeated to 1923, fought Frankie Genaro, Tony Canzoneri, Charlie Rosenberg.
    Outgrew class and gave up claim to title 4/12/29, creditable record. Last fight
    Enrico Venturi, lost 8, 11/27/36.

    Bantamweight Champion 5/23/28 to 4/12/29
    TB-127 KO-37 WD-63 WF-1 D-6 LD-11 LF-1 KOBY-2
    ****** ****** ******** ********
    ******** ********

    Graziano, Rocky (Rocco Barbella)
    Italian American, born 1/1/22, New York.
    First fight Curtis Hightower, KO 2, 3/31/42. Record 1942.
    Won title, Tony Zale, KO-6, 7/16/47.
    Lost World Middleweight title, Tony Zale, KOBY-6, 9/27/46, NYC.
    Last fight , Chuck Davey, lost 10, 9/17/52, Chicago.
    Tough street type fighter who fought the best in division.
    World Middleweight title, Tony Zale, KOBY-6, 9/27/46, NYC. Newark, N.
    J..(Graziano-Zale, one of boxing classic series). . Retired TV, movie character
    actor, authored "Somebody Up there Likes Me". Emerged from a rugged childhood.

    Middleweight Champion 7/16/47 to 6/10/48
    TB-83 KO-52 D-14 WF-1 D-6 LD-7 KOBY-3

    ***** ****** ********** *********

    Herman, Pete
    (Peter Gulotta) Italian American, born 2/12/1896, New Orleans, La. Died 4/13/73.
    He started boxing career 1912.
    First bout, Eddie Coulon, draw 10, 1912.
    Won world bantamweight title from Kid Williams in a 20 round bout, New Orleans,
    January 9, 1917.
    Lost title to Johnny Buff, 15, 9/23/21, NYC.
    Last fight, Roy Moore, won 10, 4/24/22, boston.
    On July 25, the following year Herman regained crown when he deffeated Lynch in
    Brooklyn in 15 rounds.
    Two months later September 23, dropped the title to Johnny Buff in 15 rounds.
    Pete Herman fought for the last time on 4/24,22, when he whipped roy Moore in
    Boston. He became blind and retired. He was owner of a nightclub in New Orleans
    and was appointed Louisiana State boxing Commission. No doubt one of the great

    Bantamweight Champion 1/9/17 to 7/25/21
    TB-148 KO-19 WD-52 D-8 LD-10 LF-1 KOBY-1 ND-57

    ******** ******** ******** *******
    ****** ******

    Jeffra, Harry
    (Ignacius Pasquale Guiffi), Italian American, born 11/30/14, Baltimore, Md. A
    name not well known but held two titles, had a outstanding record and fought in
    two classes and held Bantam and Featherweight Championship.
    First fight, Angelo Braccato, won 9/21/33.
    Won Bantam title, Sixto Escobar, 15, 9/23/37, NYC.
    Won featherweight title, Joey Archibald, 15, 5/20/40, Baltimore.
    Lost title, Archibald, 15, 5/12/41, Washington, D.C.
    Last fight, Packy McFarland, Lost 10, 12/13/50, Wichita.

    Bantamweight Champion 2/20/37 to 2/20/38
    Featherweight Champion 5/20/40 to 5/12/41
    TB-120 KO-27 WD-66 D-7 LD- 17 KOBY-2 NC-1

    **** ****** ****** ******
    ***** ***** *

    Kansas, Rocky
    (Rocco Tozze), Italian American, born 4/21/1895, Buffalo, NY.
    First fight , Young Thomas, KO 3, 1911.
    Won title, Jimmy Goodrich, 15, 12/7/25, Buffalo.
    Lost title. Sammy Mandell, 10, 7/3/26, Chicago.
    Last fight, Joe Trippe, lost 6, 1932.
    At the time Rocky Kansas was competing for a title shot there was some of the
    greatest lightweights in the ring and Kansas fought them all. Benny Leonard,
    Johnny Dundee, Ad Wolgast, Lew Tendler, Johnny Kilbane, Jack Bernstein, Jimmy
    Goodrich, Sammy Mandell. Won Lightweight Championship title 15, Jimmy Goodrich,
    12/7/25. Lost title in 10 to Sammy Mandell 7/3/26

    Lightweight Champion 12/7/25 to 7/3/26
    TB-165 KO-32 LD-32 D-7 LD-8 LF-2 ND-81
    ****** ******* ******** *********
    Labarba, Fidel
    Italian American, born 9/29/05, New York N. Y. Outstanding amateur champ world
    champ U.S. Olympic Games 1924, Paris.
    First pro fight, 5/21/24, KO 2, Ray Fee.
    Won American Flyweight title, Frankie Genaro, 10, 8/22/25 Los Angeles.
    Won Flyweight world title Elky Clark, 12, 1/21/27, N.Y.C.
    Retired from title 8/23/27. Never been Knocked Out.
    La Barbra announced retirement to enter Stanford University.

    Flyweight Champion 8/22/25 to 8/23/27
    TB-97 KO-15 WD-57 D-8 LD-15 ND-2 KO-0

    ***** ******* ******* ***** ******

    La Motta, Jake
    (Jacob La Motta) (Bronx Bull) (Raging Bull), Born 7/10/21, Bronx, N.Y. Italian
    First fight Charley Mackley, won 4, 3/3/41.Rugged competitor.
    Won Middleweight title, Marcel Cerdan, KO 10, 6/16/49.
    Lost title, Ray Robinson KOBY 13, 2/13/51.
    Last bout, Billy Kilgore, lost 10, 4/14/54,Miami Beach.
    Jake fought boxers in all weight classes from welterweights to heavyweights, his
    record and fights speak for themselves. Movie `The Raging Bull" staring Robert
    De Niro as Jake Lamotta.

    Middleweight Champion 6/16/49 to 2/13/51
    TB-106 KO-30 D-53 D-4 LD-15 KOBY-4

    ***** ******* ***** **** * ******
    ******* ****

    Larkin, Tippy
    (Tony Pilleteri) Italian American born 11/11/17, Garfield, N.J.
    First fight, Johnny Priore, KO 2, 1935.
    Won vacated Jr. Welterweight title, Willie Joyce, 4/29/46.
    Retired 1952 with title.

    Jr. Welterweight Champion 4/29/46 to 1952
    TB-151 KO-57 D-1 LD-3 KOBY-10

    ***** ********* ******* *******
    ******* ***

    Mandell, Sammy
    (Samuel Mandella) Italian American, born 2/5/04, Rockford Ill. Died 4/20/61.
    First fight, John Hagerman, KO 3 1920.
    Won world Lightweight title, Rocky Kansas, 10, 7/3/26.
    Lost title Al Singer, 7/17/30.
    Last bout, Joe Bernal, KOBY 6, 6/27/34, Oakland, Calif.
    Has fought Tony canzoneri, Jimmy McLarnin and many other great fighters of the

    Lightweight Championship 7/3/26 to 7/17/30
    TB-168 KO-28 D-53 WF-1 D-8 LD-11 LF-1 KOBY-5 ND-60 NC-1

    ******* ********** ******* *******
    **** *****

    Marciano, Rocky
    (Rocco Marchegiano), Italian American, born 9/1/23. Died 8/31/69.
    First fight, Lee Eperson, 3/17/47, KO in 3rd round, at age 24, Holyoke, Mass.
    Won title, Jersey Joe Walcott, KO 13, 7/23/52.
    Last fight Archie Moore, KO 9, 9/21/55, at age 32
    Retired 4/27/56 Killed in plan crash, Newton Iowa, 8/31/69.
    Rocky Marciano's title defenses. Jersey Joe Walcott, 5/15/53 KO 1st round,
    Chicago. Roland LaStraza, 9/24/53, KO 11th round, N.Y.C. Ezzard Charles, won 15
    rounds, 6/17/54. Don ****ell, 6/15/55, KO 9rd, San Francisco. Archie Moore, KO
    9rd, N.Y.C. Retired 4/27/56. Killed in airplane accident 8/31/69.
    At the strength of which Marciano won his title match's and his dedication
    to win I would consider Marciano the greatest Heavyweight titleholder of the
    Twentieth Century. Going through the Century starting with HW Champions, those
    not mentioned really are no contention.
    Robert Fitzsimmonds, not strong enough.
    James Jeffries, strong and hard hitter has dedication but would wear out.
    Jack Johnson, has been KOBY 5 X, Rocky would be the 6th to KO Jack Johnson..
    Jack Dempsey, might go to decision for loss, or KO in late rounds.
    Joe Louis, in prime might go to decision for loss, or KO in late rounds
    Ezzard Charles whom I consider one of the best in Twentieth Century, lost a
    decision in 1st title fight with Rocky.
    KO in 8 rounds second title fight with Rocky Marciano.
    Charles started fighting 1937. He won the 1937
    Diamond belt also the state AAU championship. He won 1938 Diamond
    belt, the Golden Gloves
    And the AAU Championships.. In 1939. won the Diamond Belt, the AAU
    Championships, the
    Gloves, the State Championship, Charles won every amateur
    tournament he entered.
    Comparing Mohammad Ali to Ezzard Charles be about equal
    Sonny Liston, Rocky would wear him down and then KO him middle
    Muhammad Ali, his arms would take a pounding and then KO in middle
    Mike Tyson has been KOBY 2Xs already, he would be KOBY again in
    middle rounds.
    George Forman a second choice under Rocky.
    Rocky Marciano has never lost a bout and heavens help any one that was
    unfortunate to accidentally knock him down.

    The greatest Heavyweight fighter that ever lived, BAR NONE, undefeated, left no
    stone unturned to question his title and ability as greatest champion. The only
    HW champ without a career defeat. Regarded by some as the unheralded greatest (
    Bob Burrill," Who's Who In Boxing"). Not some but "is". JG

    Heavyweight Championship 5/23/52 to 4/21/56
    TB-49 KO-43 WD-6, Record not matched by any other Champion………

    ****** ********** ************
    ****** *********

    Marino, Tony
    Italian American, born 1912, Pittsburgh, Pa. Died 2/1/37.
    First fight, Young Ketchel, won 6, 1931.
    Won world Bantam weight title, Baltazar Sangchilli, KO 14, 6/29/36, NYC.
    Lost title, Sixto Escobar, KOBY 13, 8/31/36, NYC.
    Last fight Indian Quantana, lost 8, 1/30/37, Brooklyn, (Brain hemorrhage, died
    next day).

    Bantamweight Champion 6/29/36 to 8/31/36
    TB-40 KO-7 D-19 DR-2 LD-10 KOBY-2

    ****** ******** ******
    ******** ******

    Martin. Eddie (Cannonball)
    (Edward Vittorio Martino) Italian American, born 3/30/1903, Brooklyn, N.Y.
    First fight, Sam Jackson, KO 2, 1922,
    Won World Bantam title, Abe Goldstein, 15, 12/19/24, NYC.
    Lost title, Charlie Rosenberg, 3/20/25.
    Last bout, Al Dunbar, lost 10, 7/18/32, Brooklyn.
    Bantamweight Champion 12/19/24 to 3/20/25
    TB-90 KO-27 WD-45 D-3 LD-8 KOBY-3 ND-3 NC-1

    ******* ************ **********
    ******** ****** *****

    Maxim, Joey
    (Guiseppe Antonio Berardinelli) Italian American, born 3/28/22.
    First fight, Bob Perry, 1/13/41, won, 4, Cleveland.
    Won American Lightheavyweight title, Gus Lesnevich, 15, 5/23/49, Cincinnati.
    Won world Lightheavyweight title Freddie Mills KO 10, 1/24/50, London.
    Lost title, Archie Moore, 15, 12/17/52, St Louis.
    Last fight, Ulli Ritter, lost 10, 5/17/58, Mannheim, Germany.
    Joey Maxim fought many of the classic boxers of his day and many were of the
    heavyweight ranks beaten by Joey Maxim.

    Lightheavyweight Champion 5/23/49 to 12/17/52
    TB-115 KO-21 WD-61 D-4 LD-27 LF-1 KOBY-1

    ****** ********* ****** *****
    ******** *******

    Pastrano, Willie
    (Wilfred Raleigh Pastrano) Italian American, born 11/27/35, Miami, Florida.
    First fight Domingo Rivera, won 4, 9/10/51.
    Won World Lightheavyweight title, Harold Johnson, 15, 6/1/63.
    Lost title and also last bout, Jose Torres, KOBY 9, 9/30/65.

    Lightheavyweight Champion 6/1/63 to 5/30/65
    TB-83 KO-14 WD-48 D- 8 LD-11 KOBY-2

    ***** ****** ****** ******
    ***** ***** ****

    Pep, Willie
    (William Papaleo) Italian American, born 9/19/22, Middletown, Conn. One of
    boxing most remarkable, a name mentoned when greatest "pound for pound"
    First pro fight Jim McGovern, won 4, 7/3/40.
    Won Featherweight title Chalky Wright, 15, 11/20/42, NYC.
    Lost title, Sandy Saddler, KOBY 8, NYC. 9/8/50.
    Last fight, Calvin Woodland, lost 6, 3/16/66, Richmond Va.

    Featherweight Championship 11/20/42 to 9/8/50
    TB-241 KO-65 WD-164 D-1 LD- 5 KOBY-6

    ****** ******* ******* *******
    ****** **** ***

    Salica, Lou
    Italian American, born, 7/26/13, New York, N.Y. Outstanding amateur. Won first
    pro bout Lew Franklin won 4, 1/5/33.
    Won Bantam title, Sixto Escobar, 15, 8/26/35.
    Lost title Manuel Ortiz, 12. 8/7/42, Hollywood.
    Last fight Harry Jeffra, 10 lost, 3/27/44, Baltimore, Md.
    Great record.

    Bantam Championship 8/26/35 to 8/7/42, on off
    TB-90 KO-13 WD-49 D-11 LD-16 KOBY-1

    ***** ****** ***** *****

    Servo, Marty
    Italian american, born 11/9/19, Schenctady, N.Y. Great amateur record.
    First pro fight 1/8/38 won 6, George Hall.
    Won title Freddie Cochrane, 2/1/46, KO 4.
    Retired because of nose injury 8/5/47.

    Welterweight Championship 2/1/46 to Retired because of nose injury.
    TB-16 KO-15 WD-34 D-2 LD-2 KOBY-2 ND-1

    ***** ******** ******* ***** *****

    Scalzo, Petey
    Italian American, born 8/1/17, N.Y.C.
    First fight, Demasco Seda, KO 1, 6/29/36.
    Won Featherweight title, Ginger Floran, KO 5, 4/30/40.
    Lost title, Richie Lemos, KOBY 7/1/41.
    Last fight, Bob Montgomery, KOBY 6, 10/25/43, Phila.
    Retired 10/25/43, later became boxing refree and deputy Commissioner in N.Y.S.

    Featherweight Championship 4/30/40 to 7/1/41
    TB-111 KO- 46 WD-43 D-6 LD-12 KOBY-3 ND-1

    ********** ***** ******

    Sullivan, Steve
    (Stephen J. Tricamo),born 5/21/1897. Brooklyn, N.Y.
    First fight, Young Kenny, KO 3, 1911.
    Won Jr. Lightweight title, Johnny Dundee, 10, 6/20/24.
    Lost title, Ballerino, 10, 10/4/25.
    Last fight, Tod Morgan KOBY 6, 6/3/26.

    Jr. Lightweight Championship 6/20/24 to 10/4/25
    TB-111 KO-13 WD-18 WF-2 D-10 LD-13 KOBY-4 ND-4

    ***** ***** ******* ***** *****

    Terranova, Phil
    Italian American, born 9/4/19 New York, N.Y.
    First fight Marty Kopp, KO 1, 7/14/41.
    Won featherweight title, Calura KO8, 8/16/43.
    Lost title, Bartolo, 15, 5/5/44.
    Last fight, Guillermo Gimenez, lost 8, 7/13/49, N.Y.C.

    Featherweight Championship 8/16/43 to 5/5/44
    TB-99 KO-29 WD-38 D-11 LD-18 KOBY-3

    ***** ******* ****** ****** ***

    Wilson, Johnny
    (John Panica) born, 3/23/1893, New York, N.Y.
    First fight George Cunningham, KO 2, 1911,
    Won Middleweight title, Mike O'Dowd, 15, 5/6/20,
    Lost title, Harry Greb, 15, 8/31/23 N.Y.C.
    Last fight Maxie Rosenbloom, lost 12, 10/4/26. Fought in many over the weight
    matches with the best in that era.

    Middleweight Championship 5/6/20 to 8/31/23
    TB-122 KO-43 WD-20 WF-1 D-2 LD-17 LF-2 ND-34 NC-1

    ****** ******** ********
    ********* ******** *****

    Wolgast, Midget
    (Joseph Robert Loscatzo) Italian American, born, 7/18/10, Philadelphia, Pa.
    First fight, Willie Davis, won 10, 11/3/27.
    Won Flyweight title, Black Bill, 15, 3/21/30,
    Lost title, Small Montana, 10, 9/16/35.
    Last fight, Bill Morris, 3/14/40.
    Wolgast fought the best in his era, in a over the weight matches 2X he fought
    loss's to Henry Armstrong the distance of 10rounds each.

    Flyweight Championship 3/21/30 to 9/16/35
    TB-147 KO-11 WD-85 D-15 LD-29 KOBY-6 ND-1

    ****** ****** ******** *******
    ******* ********

    Now we go to fighters who have claimed Championship titles disputed titles at

    Conley, Frankie born 10/4/1890
    Leon, Casper born 12/8/1872
    Zulu, Young Kid born 4/22/1897

    ***** ******* ******** ******
    ******* *********

    Conley, Frankie
    (Francesco Conte) Italian American, born 10/4/1890, Platania, Italy. Died
    First fight Kid Hertz, won 6, 8/11/06.
    Won vacant Bantam world title advertised not recognized beating Monte Attell, KO
    42 rounds, 2/22/10. Lost title Johnny Coulon, 20, 2/3/12.
    Last fight Jimmy Hanlon KOBY 2, 1919.

    Claimed Bantamweight championship 8/11/06 to 2/3/12
    TB-81 KO-15 WD-22 D-10 LD-7 KOBY-4 ND-21 NC-2

    ****** ********* ***** ******** ********

    Leon, Casper
    (Gaspare Leoni) born 12/8/1872, Palermo, Italy.
    First fight, Jim Burns KO 1 round, 1891.
    Claimed American Bantam Championship, World Champ match Jimmy Barry KOBY 28,
    Lost title, 10/16/1900.
    Last fight Morris Rauch, deaw 20, 12/12/01.

    Claimed American Bantam weight title 9/15/24 to 10/16/1900
    TB-99 KO-29 WD-33 WF-1 D-22 LD-8 LF- 2 KOBY-3 ND-1

    ****** ********* ******** *******

    Zulu, Young, Kid
    (Giuseppe Dimelfi) Italian American, born 4/22/1897. Potenza, Italy.
    First fight, Kid dennis, ND 4, 1912.
    Claimed American Bantam title 12/18/16, Jimmy Wilde, KOBY 11.
    Lost American Flyweight title Johnny Rosner, KOBY 7, 9/28/17.
    Last fight Willie Darcy, lost 10, 9/25/22.

    Claimed American Bantamweight Championship 12/18/16 to 9/28/17
    TB-101 KO-9 WD-4 WF-1 D-10 LD-11 LF-1 KOBY-3 ND-62

    ***** ******* ******* ***** *******

    Boxer's of Honorable mention whom have fought many championships

    Bogash, Lou (Lou Bogassi) born 4/24/01
    Delmont, Al (Alfredo Delmonti) born 7/4/1885
    Flynn, Jim, Fireman (Andrew charglione) born 12/24/79
    Galento, Tony born 3/10/10
    Giambra, Joey born 6/30/31
    Grim, Joe (Saverio Giannone) The Iron Man born 3/14/1881
    Indressano, Johnny born 11/1/06
    Kelly, Hugo (Ugo Mitchelli) born 2/10/1883
    LaStraza, Roland born 5/12/27
    O'Gatty, Packy (Pasquale Agati) born 6/4/1900
    Petrolle, Billy born 1/10/05
    Sharkey, Jack (Giovanni Cervati) born 6/20/1898

    ********* ******** ********* *******
    ******* ********* ******

    (Lou Bogassi) Italian American born 2/24/01.
    First fight won 1916, Billy Murphy, KO 2.
    Last fight, Tom Kirby, lost 8, 5/27.
    Fought Jack Britton, Mike O'Dowd, Jack Delaney, Tommy Loughran, Mickey walker,
    Harry Greb.

    TB-107 KO-23 WD-42 WF-2 D10 LD- 12 KOBY-1 ND-17

    ****** ****** ***** ***** *********

    Delmont, Al
    Italian American (Delmonti, Alfredo) born 7/4/1885. Naples Italy.
    First fight, Ben Locke, won 3 1902.
    Last fight, Young McAuliffe, won 15,10/25/13.
    Never knocked out, Never a title chance.`Fought Owen Moran, Johnny Kilbane,
    Johnny Lynch, Jimmy Walsh.

    TB-154 KO-38 WD-55 WF-1 D-35 L-11 ND-144 KOBY-0
    **** ****** ******** ****** ***** ******

    Flynn,Jim (Fire Man )
    Italian American (AndrewCharlione) born 12/24/79.
    First fight, Ed Chambers, KO 4 1901.
    Last bout, Sam Langford, KOBY 3, 10/19/23, Mexico City.
    Fought 10 champs. Jack Root, George Gardner, Tommy Burns, Billy Papke, Jack
    O'Brien, Battling Levensky, Tiger Flowers, Jack Dempsey. Only man to knock out
    Jack Dempsey and in first round.

    TB- 113 KO-39 WD-12 WF-3 D –15 LD-7 LF-1 KOBY-15 ND-21

    **** ****** ***** ****** *******

    Galento, Tony
    (Two Ton Tony) Italian American, born 3/10/10. Orange. N.J.
    First fight, Babe Farmer, KO 3 1929.
    Last fight, Mike Ryan, KO 4, 11/5/43
    Hard hitter surprisingly fast carrying immense stomach. Fought Joe Louis, Max

    TB-112 KO-58 WD-22 WF-1 D-6 LD-17 LF-2 KOBY-6

    ******* ****** ******* *******

    Giambra, Joey
    Italian American, 6/30/31, Buffalo, N.Y.
    First fight, fought Lee Phillips, KO 2, 6/28/49.
    Last fight, Joe DeNucci,, Lost 10, 4/6/63.
    Joey Giardello, Gil Turner Bobo Olson, Denny Moyer, Rory Calhoun.

    TB-77 KO-31 WD-34 D-3 LD-9

    ****** **** ****** ***** ****
    ******* ****8

    Grim, Joe
    (Saverio Giannone) Italian American,born 3/14/1881, Montello, Avellino, Italy.
    Died 8/19/39, Byberry, Pa. Recorded bouts 134, unrecorded 300 fights, weighed
    between 135lbs to 165lbs. Possibly boxing most durable man . Colorful, met the
    best in the ring at his time, such as Phila. Jack O'brien LH weight champ, Sam
    McVey popular black heavy weight, Bob Fitzsimmons HW champ, Tommy Burns HW
    Champ, Joe Walcott, and many others according to the Ring records he was an
    "iron man". He went to the Fiji Islands in 1908 fought for there HW
    championship, traveled and fought with the vaudeville, fought in Italy, London
    exhibitions. Organized Joe Grim A.C. which failed, worked at the Guard, Pa.
    Shipyard , done some more boxing , died at the State Hospital, in Bayberry, Pa.
    1939. Joe Grim was a part of American boxing history, recorded in boxing
    records as the Iron Man. At the beginning of every battle he used to roll over
    to the ropes and tell the crowd: I am Joe Grimm. I fear no man no man on earth.
    And he Didn't!At the end of fight he go to the ropes again with his, "I am Joe
    Grim. I fear no man on earth." He fought many champions and all comers.

    TB-300+ TB-134 RECORDED KO-2 WD-8 D-8 LD-28 LF-2 KOBY-4 ND-82

    Indrissano, Johnny
    Italian American, born 11/1/06, Boston, Mass.
    First fight, Walter Riley, KO 5, 1925.

    Last fight, Jimmy Smith, won 10, 5/5/33, Boston.
    Fought champs Vince Dundee, Jackie Fields, Lou Brouillard. Became one of
    Hollywood's outstanding advisors on films involving boxing.

    TB-53 KO-8 WD-38 WF-1 D-1 LD-3 KOBY-1 ND-1

    ***** ****** ***** ***** *****

    Kelly, Hugo
    (Ugo Mitchelli) Italian American, born 2/10/1883, Florence, Italy.
    First fight, Jack Falvey, won 6 9/29/1899.
    Last fight, Jack Dillon, KOBY 3, 5/28/12.
    Fought Phila. Jack O'Brien, Jack Twin Sullivan, Billy Papke, Stanley Ketchel.
    Tommy Burns. Retired owned Movie house chain.

    TB-76 KO-17 WD-18 D-24 LD-7 KOBY-4 ND-6

    ***** ***** **** **** ******

    LaStraza, Roland
    Italian American Born 5/12/27, Bronx, N.Y.
    First fight, Dave Glanton, won 6, 7/7/47.
    Last fight, Larry Zernitz, lost 10, 12/1/58 NYC.
    Regarded as a potential champ. First loss was to Rocky Marciano. KOBY 11 in
    return bout, fought the best in his time.

    TB-63 KO-25 WD- 30 L-6 KOBY-2

    ***** ***** ****** **** ********
    ****** *****

    Mauriello, Tami
    Italian American, Born 9/18/23, N.Y.C.
    First fight at age 16, 7/25/39, KO 1st round Gilberto Vasquez.
    Fought Gus Lesnevich for Light Heavyweight title, at age 18, Aug. 26, 1941 lost
    decision 15 rounds. Fought all the heavyweight contenders, Lee Nova, Lee Savold,
    Lee Oma, Bruce Wood****, Tony Musto and Joe Louis for championship KOBY 1,
    9/18/46. Imagine if Tami had not been rushed at age 16, where he might have

    TB-96 KO-60 WD-21 LD-9 KOBY-4

    **** ***** ***** ****

    O'Gatty, Packey
    (Pasquale Agati) Italian American borrn, 6/4/1900, Cannitello, Italy. Died 1966.
    First fight, Frankie Jerome, ND 4, 9/25/15, NYC.
    Last fight, Jimmy McLarnin, exh 3, 6/27/28.
    Fought many champs Pete Herman, Jimmy McLarnin, Kid Williams. Involved in first
    fight ever broadcast, a prelim of Dempsey- Carpentier 7/2/21.

    TB-132 KO-49 WD-7 WF-2 D-5 LD-5 KOBY-3 ND-61

    ***** ***** ***** ****

    Petrolle, Billy
    (The Fargo Express) Italian American born 1/10/05, Berwick, Pa.
    First fight, Star Rose, KO 2 1924.
    Last fight, Barney Ross, lost 10, 1/24/34, NYC.
    Impressive early years, crowd pleaser, fought ranking fighters and many champs,
    Sid Terris, Kid Kaplan, Jack Kid Berg, tony Canzoneri, Barney ross, Jimmy

    TB-157 KO-63 WD-22 WF-4 D-10 LD-17 KOBY-3 ND-37 NC-1

    ***** ******* ******* *********

    Sharkey, Jack
    (Giovanni Cervati) (Little Jackie) Italian American born 6/20/1898, Bologna,
    First fight, Billy Murphy, KO 6, 1915,
    Last fight, Jim Lynch, draw 4, 7/2/25, NYC.
    Fought with many champs, Pete Herman, Johnny Buff, Joe Lynch, Midget Smith,
    Johnny Dundee.

    TB-168 KO-4 WD-8 WF-2 D-15 LD-15 KOBY-9 ND-115

    **** ****** ***** ***** *****

    Zulu, Young, Kid
    (Giuseppe DiMelfi) Italian American, born 4/22/1897, Potenza, Italy.
    First fight, Kid Dennis, ND, 1912.
    Last fight, Willie Darcy, lost 10, Yonkers, NY.
    Fought many champs Johnny Buff, Pete Herman, Jimmy Wilde, Joe Rosner,

    TB-101 KO-9 WD-4 WF-1 D-10 LD-11 LF-1 KOBY-3 ND-62

    ****** ****** ******* ******** *********
    In making this book it would have been an impossible and monstrous task with out
    the help of the following books and authors.
    Ring Record books
    Ring magazines
    Who's Who In Boxing by Bob Burrill
    In This Corner by Peter Heller
    Ten And Out by Alexander Johnston
    Primo by Frederic Mullally
    And the other numerous articles read regarding The Sweet Science of Boxing

    I have to add without the thought of Rocky Marciano and the many past Italian
    American boxer's who have contributed their fortitude and skills to the American
    Boxing Ring, I've full filled a obligation I had in my belly for many years.
  2. white is right

    white is right Hall of Famer

    Feb 16, 2006
    Joe Grim had an interesting article written about him in Ring Magazine back in the 90's. Back in his time period many fighters fought in various weight classifications and gave up huge weight disparities that a modern boxing commission wouldn't allow. When the UFC first started they had similar weight disparities where 175 pound fighters fought 250 pound fighters. The most famous fighter to do this and win at the world class level was probably Sam Langford who fought heavyweights while being a modern super middleweight.

    Ps the one and only Canadian heavyweight champion Tommy Burns was an Italian Canadian named Noah Brusso.
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  3. werewolf

    werewolf Hall of Famer

    May 6, 2011

    PS The great Joe Calzaghe of Wales in the UK (46-0) was half Italian, Sardinian.

    PPS Young Kid Zulu "The Fighting Newsboy", Italian. The jerk didn't win a single fight in his last twenty three outings, back in the 1920's. Serves him right for adopting a dumb assed name like that!
    Last edited: Aug 31, 2014
  4. werewolf

    werewolf Hall of Famer

    May 6, 2011
    Mike Rossman, "the jewish bomber", an excellent light heavyweight in the 70's and early 80's, was a champ at one time. His birth name was de Piano, half Italian half Jewish. I heard he later became a minor hood with the mob in Atlantic City, but that was long ago, and I don't even know if it was true.
  5. white is right

    white is right Hall of Famer

    Feb 16, 2006
    He has or had mob ties. Supposedly he was convicted for dealing cocaine at the small time pusher level ie ounce dealer. I know he was also a ticket scalper. I remember reading Frankie Depaula who was blown out by Bob Foster after knocking him down in the first round of a title fight was a collector for the mob and was killed by mob associates.
  6. Westside

    Westside Hall of Famer

    Sep 23, 2008
    So Cal
    Yeah, I remember Mike Rossman. Solid light heavyweight. I remember he upset a prime Victor Galindez on a big time Don King card (Ali v Spinks Rematch), in 78 to win the WBA crown. . After that hight point, it went pretty much down hill for him. His record was 44-7-3. Not a bad record, but some of his losses were highlight KO losses.
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  7. werewolf

    werewolf Hall of Famer

    May 6, 2011
    Unfortunately a lot of big name Italian-American boxers in those days and earlier were mixed up with the mob, like Marciano, LaMotta, Graziano, but then a lot of other boxers, not to mention politicians etc., were and still are too. Il Duce was the only one who shut down those parasites in Italy, but then the American "liberators" came over with "Lucky" Lucciano and set the Mafia back up in power all over again.

    Giovanezza, the Italian fascist national anthem
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  8. Fighting Pride

    Fighting Pride Guru

    Aug 2, 2016
  9. werewolf

    werewolf Hall of Famer

    May 6, 2011

  10. werewolf

    werewolf Hall of Famer

    May 6, 2011
  11. Westside

    Westside Hall of Famer

    Sep 23, 2008
    So Cal
    I forgot that Rossman was so young. 22 years old! Wow. No Doubt his lifestyle, drinking? lack of training and lack of proper diet led to his premature end as an elite fighter.
  12. werewolf

    werewolf Hall of Famer

    May 6, 2011
    Their second fight. Check out the end of round four.

  13. Westside

    Westside Hall of Famer

    Sep 23, 2008
    So Cal
    Man, Galindez waned to break Rossman big time!
  14. werewolf

    werewolf Hall of Famer

    May 6, 2011

    Yeah he hated Rossman. He looked great in the second fight, but Rossman had a broken hand. Galindez had only two more fights after that and he lost both, and then he couldn’t fight anymore because of detached retinas in his eyes, and the following year he was killed in an auto racetrack accident at age 31.
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