Irelands national sport CEO talks getting rid of anthem/flag for "diversity"

Discussion in 'Other Sports' started by Romosexual, Dec 6, 2016.

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    Mar 29, 2016
    No more anthem before games, no national flag, Ireland is now a multicultural nation, patriotism isnt inclusive goy.

    "The GAA is portraying a specific sense of 'Irishness' by wrapping the flag around itself."

    America agonises over Colin Kaepernick kneeling during “The Star-Spangled Banner,” there was no such angst at All-Ireland Football Final day. Everyone able to at Croke Park did stand up for “Amhran na bhFiann,” probably oblivious to just how incongruous playing the national anthem in such circumstances is.
    There’s enough flag-waving in the world, too much patriotic posturing. There’s never been a problem that can’t be made worse by wrapping a flag around it, or a song.

    In Ireland in particular we know how seemingly trivial things like the songs you choose to sing or the games you play are anything but trivial, bound up as they are in questions of identity that have left people to cope with a lot more than just embarrassment.

    But the reality is that the GAA’s insistence on the anthem being played before so many games is a self-consciously deliberate gesture inevitably loaded with layers of meaning that can make the organisation’s stated goal of greater inclusivity sound hollow. It will mean nothing when ‘God Save The Queen’ means nothing in Windsor Park.

    By continuing to wrap the flag around itself so tightly the GAA is also portraying a very specific sense of ‘Irishness.’ It’s the whole ‘Gael’ bit, that unspoken but understood sense that playing hurling and speaking the cupla focal and pining for the fourth green field is somehow ‘real’ Irish, a pose that might once have resonated but increasingly just looks old and chippy.

    If the GAA is serious about inclusivity it should acknowledge that gestures like the anthem matter, a damn sight more here in fact than in the US.

    There are enough expressions of ‘what we are’ in the matches themselves. In comparison pointed pre-match exhibitions of supposed identity are as old and trite as the custom of kneeling before bishops used to be.

    Sports/tribalism is one of the last bastions against globalism, MUST BE SMASHED. No country is safe from (((tolerance and diversity)))

    A response
    The whole point of their community strategy is to create a bulwark against the bland, consumer world most people live in. A world where our identity is created by advertisers and products. The rest of the planet supports multi-national corporations like Manchester United or Chelsea or Real Madrid, where support is a one-way street and being a supporter means nothing more than being a consumer of the brand.

    Culture is what comes through the iPhone. Leisure is mostly shopping or Weight Watchers or spin class. And if a neighbour is suffering, or has fallen on hard times, **** him. He's just another stranger."

    Eugene Reavey rang me yesterday. He has a hearing aid, so he shouts. "Did you ever hear the like of what Aogán ó Fearghail said in Dubai?"

    " No", I said. "I didn't."

    "The worst I ever heard" he said, "the worst I ever heard. I look forward to singing the anthem. I love standing in respect for the flag. It is who we are."

    "I agree, Eugene."

    "It's embarrassing Joe, to hear that coming out of the mouth of a GAA president."

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    Jan 19, 2007
    P1ss on "diversity" as it's been of (very) little benefit to our great White culture (at best). Ireland (& ALL White nations) can survive just fine without any untermenschen on its soil!
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    Jul 24, 2007
    The Irish are Cucked!! What the hell years of getting pissed on by the Vikings and English they finally have their own country for less than 100 years and these braindead ninnys are throwing away their genetic history and culture for 3rd world scum. Sad day to have Irish blood flowing through you!

    That wussy Irish Times writer Brian O'Connor could use a good flogging. Absolutely spewing leftist propaganda. I'm sure his Marxist professors are proud of the new breed anti white, "Irishman", they've been able to pump out over the years. It's absolutely disgusting and disturbing to see this type of thinking going on across the pond.
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    Feb 23, 2013
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    The man is a short sighted fool. "inclusiveness" in our home lands means we, whites, are excluded from our own organizations, and endeavors, to make space for others. The guy needs to go drink a dram of sea water.

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