If Europe played against the so called Dream Team

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    May 20, 2017
    The so called "Dream Team" in the last Olympics looked like trash, barely eeking out wins over teams like Australia, exposed as being only pick and roll players and iso shooters, with no creativity or tactical skills.

    Even so they won - barely.

    How much of an achievement is that really?

    European basketball is pretty far down the priority of sports in Europe. In many countries it is the 5th or less popular sport behind soccer (overwhelming nr. 1), handball, rugby and even sports like tennis. Barely anyone play basketball.

    The finalist Serbia is a country of 7 million, where again, soccer is by far the most popular sport. Likewise with Spain.

    All american blacks play basketball. All of them.

    Now if you were to even the odds a bit and add up Europe's players to give the same number of black American players, how would things look?

    Just sticking to Spain, Italy and Balkans, which I am not sure would even match the number of black american ballers.

    You might field a lineup like this:

    G - Milos Teodosic
    G - Goran Dragic
    SF - Danilo Galinari
    PF - Nicola Jokic
    C - Marc Gasol


    Pau Gasol
    Jusuf Nurkic
    Ricky Rubio
    Rudy Fernandez
    Juan Carlos Navarro

    If played under FIBA rules, are you going to tell me they don't at least do 50-50 against last year's "Dream Team"?

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