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Discussion in 'College Basketball' started by fightthepower, Nov 1, 2005.

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    Thanks for the update on Henry, Jimmy. I`d been wondering what happened to him after Eastern Washington. I`ll never forget the YouTube video of him dunking over a Corvette. He`s simply an amazing athlete. As for his prospects after college, if the Chicago Bulls could draft a black guy in the 2nd round some years agosimply on the basis of being a dunk champion, I believe his name was Kris Bruton, then why shouldn`t an NBA team draft a white guy in the 2nd round to serve as a 12th man for a year or two and who could sell them tickets solely based on his athleticism? Well, we know the answer. Anyway, maybe it would be better for him to play professionally in Europe. He might be more appreciated there than he would beby the typical NBA black fans and wiggers. I can`t say that I know one white person who is truly interested in the NBA anymore other than the instances when their favorite white former college players actually get a chance to play.
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    Janelle blew her knee out last year playing with Canada's national team. she plays quite a bit this year for Gonzaga, though she's not back to what she was before her injury. she's started 11 of 26 games thus far this season, and is averaging a solid 7 points and 4 rebounds per.

    still, according to her coaches and teammates (i've never had the pleasure of seeing her play), one can't help but notice how athletic she is. i hope she recovers fully, of course. and i'd really like to know if she has dunked it! rumor is that, at 5-11, she can (or could). [​IMG]

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