Funny, Young out, Titans undfted..

Discussion in 'Tennessee Titans' started by kissthefuture, Sep 30, 2008.

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    Aug 13, 2008
    Isn't it funny how cast supporters say there aren't whites at certain positions b/c the best play period, and the best are naturally black?

    However, here, the media and the NFL have force fed us Vince Young, trying every excuse to explain away the fact he simply sucks - he's a leader, they win with him, he has grit, he's better than Collins, etc. - yet, the Titans lose with him. Collins only gets put him b/c Young has off the field issues, and - WOW - amazingly the guy who "wasn't good enough" leads them to an undefeated record. Yet another example of the caste system.

    Another example, the Steelers chose Timmons in the draft instead of Pozluzny on the grounds Timmons was naturally more adept for the NFL. However, Poz continues to thrive for the undefeated Bills, while Timmons plays special teams and gets run over at the goal line. See this Monday night game against Baltimore.

    Note though, these two examples are "safe" for the media b/c they are traditionally white-allowed positions. Too bad whites don't get their shot at other positions to prove they belong.

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