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Discussion in 'Soccer' started by bigunreal, Oct 29, 2004.

  1. bigunreal

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    Oct 21, 2004
    Freddie Adu was supposedly only 15 years old when he started playing
    for DC United. I think this is suspicious in and of itself, but after
    seeing him play in person, I know the whole Adu thing is a joke. My son
    and I went to see DC United play, and like almost everyone there, we
    wanted to see this young phenom. Here's the reality; Adu not only
    doesn't start, he barely plays. Despite fans chanting "FREDDIE" (there
    goes the first name thing again), and stands filled with his jersey
    replicas, Adu didn't even enter the game until early in the second
    half. I kept expecting to see something amazing out of him, but instead
    I saw a barely noticable, lazy forward who wandered the field out of
    position, like so many young hispanic soccer players I have coached
    over the years. The most puzzling thing about Adu is the fact he
    doesn't appear to possess blazing speed. One would expect that the only
    way a kid that young could appear so remarkable to pro soccer scouts
    would be because he was so much faster than everyone else around him.
    Well, either he just didn't run his fastest that night, or he simply
    doesn't possess extraordinary speed. Anyway, I don't follow pro soccer
    much, but I understand that Adu somehow made the all-star team. Now,
    that must be a first; a forward, who isn't even a starter for his team,
    being their representative for the all-star game. A cynic would think
    that maybe the lords of pro soccer, in a desperate attempt to gain a
    following in the U.S., invented this allegedly underaged phenom in
    order to attract fans. If they did decide to do something
    dishonest like that, the phenom certainly wouldn't be a white
  2. IceSpeed

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    Dec 17, 2004
    Manchester United offered him around 3 million pounds to play for
    them(according to an article by Rick Reilly in Sports Illustrated
    magazine), so I think he is the real deal. He has scored goals
    and seems to be better than many of the older players.

    However you are dead right about child phenoms. I saw on Sports
    Center a while back that the new Tennis phenom was a 15 year old
    ghetto kid. Look at Michelle Wei. How has she played.
    She gets so much attention because she is a tale Asian. LeBron
    James was hyped up so much and became a symbol of apocryphal "Black
    Athletic Supremacy". After all the hype he averaged 7 ppg against
    all European teams in the Olympics. I wonder how Darco Milicic
    would have done in the olympics?(I heard he could not play due to a
    broken hand)

    The minority phenom that beats out all the others is Danny Almonte. He was full of bull ****.
  3. JD074

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    Oct 19, 2004
    Wasn't there a three or four year old black kid who got a
    contract because he could shoot a little? It doesn't get any
    more ridiculous than that.

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