FBI Probe on NCAA Corruption

Discussion in 'College Basketball' started by Leonardfan, Sep 26, 2017.

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    Mar 16, 2013
    The Pac-12 Head Larry Scott wants college basketball to follow MLB as I have advocated above and all the years since they installed the one and done. The Conference leaders want to delve into this idea but there is one huge impediment. The NBA and their union who dictate current rules.

    You have heard the argument that there was concern about too many HS players (read black) were jumping to the pros when it was allowed back when. But if you scratch the surface the one and done was put in place to elevate the "black" athlete. What the union and the NBA was really most concerned with were black HS players who weren't ready for the NBA and disappearing from view. By having them play a freshman season for high profile programs like Kentucky they made it possible that these black players would be HIGHLIGHTED and in our faces. In other words they wanted to set up a system that would glorify the black players across the biggest media spectrum which is exactly what the one and done system achieved.

    See below brief article regarding Larry Scott's statement.

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    I am with you on this. The NBA is just as guilty as all of the corrupt NCAA colleges/universities/coaches etc. It amazes me how the NBA is able to skirt around and avoid any of the criticism for the situation they created in the NCAA.
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    They are guilty of using college as a breeding ground for their prospects, but at least they have a minor league, a rather pathetic one but one none the less. Supposedly the G League will have affiliates of all teams within a few years.

    To be honest if a player can't make an NBA roster, to play in this league makes no sense economically as a tweener type player that could make a NBA roster in perfect situation can make more money oversees than this league that pays a rather pathetic 25K a year(I couldn't believe this when I heard it).
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    If these thug afroletes need $, let them get a job on campus pushing a broom, collecting trash or shining shoes. That (or dealing crackrock) is their “future calling” (for most of them) anyway. ;-)

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