Embalming Shows

Discussion in 'Happy Hour' started by Matt Prater, Jul 10, 2018.

  1. Matt Prater

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    Feb 28, 2018
    I don't post much anymore but this one really got my gourd.
    I just saw it on Yahoo ( yeah I know it's Yahoo ) and apparently there is some place in New Orleans that will embalm dead bodies and then take pictures of the bodies in various activities the dead person used to enjoy while alive. I mean talk about some really caustic, morbid annoying pictures. They had one guy posed in a chair in a track suit holding his Play station controller while he sits next to a giant bag of Doritos. Yes the 6 pictures used in the article were 5 Blacks and one Hispanic. Though it can be argued that the demographics IS New Orleans so there you go.
    Still this is just really sick. I need to get a Thesaurus because it is so nauseating people would trivialize death like this. It is kind of the way black women go insane at a funeral and just can't control those emotions from the evolutionary trail. This is really just minorities at there worst.

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