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Discussion in 'College Basketball' started by Kaptain, Jan 28, 2006.

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    Nov 25, 2004
    I know this is local but I have to say something because it bugs me so much. Dan Monson has been the U of M Gophers basketball coach for a few years now. He coached at Gonzaga for a few years before taking the job at Minnesota. His Gonzaga teams were always good and, of course, mostly white. But now that he can recruit for a Big Ten University he nearly has an all black team. He got himself some affletes! The result? - He is winless in the big ten.

    Although Minnesota high school basketball is dominated by mostly white high school teams, of his 10 Minnesota players on the team only 3 are white. One of the three whites is Jewish, the other is Muslem, and the other is Flip Saunders son. None of three were offered a scholarship. All the out of state recruits are, of course, black.

    How does a guy that was so successful with nearly all-white teams at Gonzaga recruit affletes? I hope he has learned something from this but I doubt it.

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