Dalton Daum - speedster for Montana

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    perhaps this thread belongs in the High School forum, because the athlete technically is still a high school senior. but ...


    Dalton Daum (Butte, MT) is the fastest kid in Montana. you'd be correct in saying that doesn't sound all that impressive since Montana doesn't typically produce many sprinters with its frigid climate and small population, but Daum is doing to his mostly-slow-footed peers exactly what an elite sprinter should be doing: blowing them away!


    on the track, he's run a wind-legal 10.77 100-meters (10.66 windy) and a wind-legal 21.53 in the deuce. he won both the 100- and 200- Class AA (big schools) State Championship as a senior. and as a junior. he was third in both events as a sophomore. he was second in both events as a freshman! oh, and just for giggles he took home a second-place medal in the 400-meters this year.

    he is without a doubt the fastest sprinter in his home state. just imagine what he might accomplish if he had some competition ...


    on the football field, he's just as big a playmaker. the 6-foot-1 wide receiver has incredibly soft hands despite frequently playing on fields frozen hard. he has numerous records to his name, including one for catching 20 balls IN A SINGLE GAME (for 286 yards and 2 touchdowns)!

    as a junior, he had 76 catches for 1,217 yards and 16 receiving touchdowns. he played part of his senior season with a broken hand with a cast on it and still pulled down 53 catches for 766 yards and 6 touchdowns. for his career, he amassed 196 catches for 2,997 yards and 32 touchdowns.

    you can see some highlights here: http://www.hudl.com/athlete/1763622/highlights/37121395/v2

    despite the height, despite the speed, despite the gaudy stats, he didn't receive a single FBS scholarship offer.

    but the best players play. right?

    and coaches will go anywhere to find you. except, apparently, Montana.

    and unless, of course, you have "dat White privilege" that means you don't have "dat upside."

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